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April 18, 2011

Lucy Ellis and Heather Smith: memories of Huw

by huw15

Lucy and Heather read out the message below at the year 10 assembly that was held on Friday 15th April to remember Huw.  I think other friends said something at the assembly too.  The message below is lovely. 

When I was on work experience, I got asked ‘did that boy what died go to your school?’ Which made me quite mad because he wasn’t just a boy to us, he was a lot more. Huw mean’t so much, to so many people, and always will. He was known for many things, obviously his talent when playing football, and just sport in general he was destined to go far. I remember once, we were up on cliff in the summer having a BBQ . And he was play fighting with some of the other lads, and in the process he managed to get this massive gash up the side of his leg, looked so painful. Yet the only thing he was bothered about is the fact he got his hair messed up. He was such a goon but we all loved him for it.

You hear people on the news and in the papers in articles about him saying things like, ‘what a waste of a life’ and yeah, in a sense it is because whatever Huw wanted, he would have got. He had determination. But he didn’t waste his life; he did a lot more than a lot of people would do in a lifetime. He managed to create a name for himself. The thing is, he was brilliant to play fight with, but he was also brilliant at giving you a hug.

Whenever anybody saw Huw he was only ever doing one of two things, getting up to mischief or he had his hands down his pants, but that cheeky smile  meant he always got away with it. The memory I will never forget will be when huw decided to show off his strength and pull the radiator off the wall, but that’s just huw. Although Something like this never should have happened to such a great guy like huw, he left us all with memories we can take with us forever, And even though For a while it felt like most of us forgot how to smile and laugh, now we can look back on the times we shared with Huw and be glad we had the chance to know such talented and caring guy. He touched the hearts of so many people and even though its been just over a month since we all saw cheeky grin, each day becomes easier because it brings us all one day closer to the next time we will. He is the star that never should have fallen but will always shine bright. And I know that everybody in this room will be missing him right now, but he will never be forgotten and will live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who love and miss him. Sweet dreams Huw.

If he knew how many girls had cried over him god! In all honesty, he was a stud. I know knowing that we’ll never see that cheeky smile again breaks many hearts, but we have enough memories of that beautiful grin to last a lifetime. Never was there a moment when he wasn’t happy about something, we need to be the same. And remember him how he always was, happy.Huw would be proud of us all. Him leaving us has done something that I think Miss Gagic has been trying to do since year 7, and that’s bring our whole year group together. Our year groups like an episode of eastenders sometimes. But this past month, there has been more respect shown by people to their fellow students than there ever has been before. And that’s something to be proud of.He was thatch, he was hepworths number 2, he was Huw. Forever in our hearts, we love you Huw.

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