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April 18, 2011

Message from Nick: to the Hepworth Under 15 players

by huw15

Hi Lads. 

I am posting this message to say that as well as being good friends to me, Jenny, Huw and Carys, I have loved watching you playing football over the last weeks.  It has been emotional, and I miss watching Huw play football in a way that is sometimes very difficult.  But it would be much worse if I didn’t come to the matches – and watching you play is really uplifting. 

You should be proud of the way you have helped to support Jen, me and Carys as well as eachother over recent weeks.  And I hope you’re proud of the way you have played football.  I can tell that as well as playing for yourselves and the Club, you have also been playing for Huw.  The way you have played football has been what I think sport is all about – teamwork, fantastic commitment, a will to win, accepting of defeat, and of course great skill.  You will have made Huw very proud. 

The 2 recent wins have been inspiring but it’s the overall performances and togetherness that have meant the most – all I can say that is that it has been stunning.   You have my respect and I hope you enjoy the rest of the season.

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