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April 19, 2011

Carys: sneaking extra food!

by huw15

Dad always tried to make sure Huw and I ate healthily with lots of fruit and not too much unhealthy food.  Huw and I knew Dad was doing the right thing but we always tried to find a way of getting extra snacks.  When Huw got back from football on Sundays I would always make sure there was a packet of crips waiting for him in his bedroom.  On his way up for a bath before lunch, I’d tell him where they were!  Dad never knew about this until I told him 2 weeks ago!

Another time (about a year ago), Dad went to the Coop on a Friday evening after we’d had a big tea, and left us at home for 45 minuntes.  As soon as Dad left, Huw went rushing into the kitchen and started looking through the cupboards and in the fridge but nothing in there was quite what he wanted.  So he started looking in the freezer and came across a box of 10 fish fingers and looked at me with that beautiful, big cheeky grin.  I knew what he meant immediately – I wasn’t too sure about the idea but as usual he managed to convince me.  We put them in the oven and every 10 seconds he would ask me if they were done.  When they were done we took them out of the oven and he dug straight in with his usual huge amount of ketchup.  He had 7 and I only had 3 and I had to do all the washing and drying up.  I didn’t mind at all, he deserved it!  Oh and like always we got away with it!

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