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April 21, 2011

Message from Jenny and Nick: to Huw’s friends

by huw15

We have mentioned Huw’s lovely friends a lot recently, and today (Thursday) was another example of why they are the best friends he could have ever had.  We had mentioned to Sam Bellas and Heather Smith that we were going to take the flowers away from Sands this afternoon – as they were drying up – and the bench and hopefully flower area will be there soon anyway.  We arrived with rubbish bags – and about 15 of Huw’s beautiful teenage friends joined in and we all did it together in no time.  Every day there are lots of emotional moments and being at Sands with these lovely teenagers was one of those moments today.

Sands is a special place and Huw’s friends are special people.  He was always a good judge of friends. 

Thank you for being great friends for Huw and now for the 3 of us x x x

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