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April 21, 2011

Team Huw meeting report: feedback from first meeting of 12th April

by huw15

 The first meeting was attended by Team Huw members:

  • Nick, Jenny and Carys;
  • Amie Crowther, Sean Brennan, Sam Bellas (year 10 school friends) and Phil Robinson (Huw’s maths teacher)
  • Nick Fitzpatrick (Thongsbridge Tennis Club) and Rob Oakley (Upperthong Cricket Club
  • Nigel and Julie Bowers (family friends)
  • Paul McLoughlin, Shona Atkinson and James Charlesworth (family friends and parents of Hepworth United team mates)

We are very grateful to everyone for coming to the meeting – and for all the input and ideas from the many people not at the meeting – and to the Tennis Club for letting us use the space.

We talked about The Trust and Team Huw  – and the fact that the Team will change in time with some members joining or leaving on a rotation basis.

We know people have busy lives and sometimes other voluntary work.  And we know other things have to happen too – for example the Cricket Club and Hepworth United also need to raise funds.  So there may be joint fund raising things we can do in future years or as annual events.

We spoke about the activities and memorial tributes that are already planned and other ideas in the pipleine.  Examples for fundraising are concerts, sponsored sports competitions and challenges, the sale of Huw Thatcher Trust Christmas cards (using “Huw” designs), raffles, loads of social / community events,  school dress down days, tribute football matches / tournaments, involvement from Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City.  And a number of memorial tributes are planned too like memorial sports awards and the bench / garden area at Sands.  Further details will be added to Projects and Memorials on this site.

It was a moving and productive meeting – everyone is proud to be part of something positive and meaningful in Huw’s name.

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