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April 22, 2011

Liz Hodgson: He was such a lovely boy

by huw15

We are hoping to put a new item on the web site most days – today it is a memory from Liz.  We will be discrete about what we put on here, so we hope Liz is ok with us putting this memory on.  If anyone sees anything on the site they are uncomfortable with please contact us.

Huw’s Parents

I didn’t really know what to write about him, so this is a letter about the memories I had with Huw either in school or at the Thongsbridge Tennis Club.

The memory I find most funny is when he chipped a bit of his front tooth off.  We were playing a tennis match at the tennis club and he’d turned his back to me to get the ball.  He stopped, turned around and said “Liz, I’ve chipped my tooth!”  So I told him to get inside and quick.  With his “expert tennis racket” in one hand and a bit of his tooth in the other, he ran inside.  What I found great was that he didn’t care, he thought it was funny and went outside to carry on with the match.  In the end the score was 6-4 6-3 to Huw.

Every time at the tennis club we used to play on the mini courts and he used to get me to sing “Take a Bow” by Rhianna and every time I couldn’t refused due to his cheeky smile.  He always used to talk to me even when he was with his mates.  He never ignored me at the tennis club as most people did.  He was such a lovely boy.

In year 9 I sat next to him in German and after PE I’d come in sit down and he’d say “Hi, how are you?”  I’d say “Good, how are you?”  He would never ever say he was sad, his answer was always “Happy,” or “Great,” which I found amazing because, apart from Huw, I didn’t know anyone who could be so happy every single day,  Anyway, one German lesson, I was telling the girl behind me how to do something and when I turned around, my book had vanished off the table.  I looked everywhere and finally I found it on Huw’s lap because he was copying off it which I thought was hilarious.  2 minutes later I found him routing through my PE kit and school bag for something to drink which made me laugh every time because he did it all the time.  He’d always tap on the desk with his pen and ruler whilst swinging on his chair.  After a while Mrs Ingham gave up telling him off because he didn’t stop doing it.

I remember one time when Huw, Louie Barby, James Travis and me went in a band together for music.  Huw was on drums, Louie on piano, me singing and James on guitar and our song we made was called Misses Glass.  I think the song got us a 7a.

Huw was a very talented boy in sport and drumming, he never stopped smiling.  He was a great friend to me and I’m glad I was able to be his friend and know him.

Lots of Love from Elizabeth Hodgson x x

P.S. He always beat me in tennis.

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