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April 24, 2011

The Thompsons: You had a left foot like a god

by huw15

These messages are from  all of the Thompsons, starting with the one from Sam:

To Huw.  You were my best friend. You never failed to make me laugh and always put me in a good mood. You were never upset and played a part in everybody’s life. You touched everyone and you were a full on legend. I have so many great memories with you. There won’t be a day when i don’t think about you. You had a left foot like a god, you could hit the ball to someone from 70 yards away and it would be perfect.

You never wanted to lose even if it was a stupid argument – you would make sure you were the last to have their say. You had a great personality and you never hurt a person on or off the football pitch. Never argued with the ref or you’re opponents and this showed the true gentleman you were. You were a great credit to the football team for both Hepworth and school, always first to the ball and not once did you ever give below 100%.  You timed some tackles to perfection, getting both the man and the ball, but there were also tackles where only the man was gained but you were always the first to apologise.  I feel so so so lucky to know you as I got to see your soft side, the gentle side which was always loving and caring.  You were always living life to the full making the most of every second you had.  I will never forget you Thatch and all the memories you gave me.  From your best friend Sam!  And that will always be true, see you soon in your better place.  your life ended doing something you loved and were amazing at.  You polite lad!  From SAM x

From Andy:  I will always remember you as a footballer – and a great one too.  On the pitch you were everything I loved – above all a courageous player.  You could tackle and head, and always gave nothing less than 100%.  But you were a skilful player too – the best taker of a corner kick I’ve ever seen – bar none.  If you had to leave us, it’s fitting you did it on the football pitch.  It was a privelige to have known you, and you will never ever be forgotten.  Rest in Peace Huw.  Andy.

Slideshow from Honley match 2nd Jan 2011 – Huw’s last game at Little Wembley

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From Leisel:  I remember me and your mum hiding under the table at Picalino’s – as you and Sam were on the table! Afer one of the cup wins x.  Huw you were one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Funny, loveable, cheeky, caring.  I could never look at you without smiling.  Everyone adored you, you brought light and sunshine to everyone you met.  I will miss you as will Andy, Sam, Max and Lucy.  You gave such a lot in your short life and made everyone laugh and smile.  Love and big hugs.  Leisel x x

From Max: I will miss you dearly.  Rest in peace.  Max x x

From Lily: Iwill miss you. You were always happy.  You were always smiling and you were never mean to anybody.  I will always think of you when I see Hepworth play.  Everyone will miss you lots. Big hug. Lily x x x o o o

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