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April 26, 2011

From Huw’s Grandparents: lots of love and 2 little stories

by huw15

The first part of this message is from Huw’s Grandma and Grandad who are Jenny’s parents and the two stories are from Granny – Nick’s Mum

From Huw’s Grandma and Grandad with love

To our beautiful handsom Grandson Huw who we will always love.  And we will cherish the time we shared with you till we meet again.  God bless and keep you safe.  Grandma and Grandad x x

From Huw’s Granny with love

1.      When Huw was just about 3 years old, he came to spend a few days with me on his own.  He was very happy, ate everything I gave him (nothing ever changed in that respect), & smiled all the time, Oh, those dimples. One day I took him by train, to the beach at nearby Barry Island.  He really loved the train trip, & thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand, but the highlight came whilst we were sitting at the station waiting for the train home.  Percy the green engine from “Thomas the Tank Engine” chugged though the station on its way to a nearby event.  He could scarcely contain his excitement.  When Nick & Jenny arrived to collect him next day, he  just couldn’t wait to tell them all about it.  Over the years we talked about this many times, what a wonderful memory.
2.        A few years ago I shared a short holiday with the family at Bradford upon Avon & we spent a day at Longleat.    We had a wonderful day watching all the animals & especially laughing at the  antics of the monkeys.  I think Huw felt an affinity with them & their mischief!  But  the best part, was the lengthy time I spent alone with Huw, just quietly watching the fascinating meerkats, such funny little creatures. He was so interested in them. It was a really lovely companionable time that he & I shared.

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