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May 3, 2011

Auntie Carol: Michael, Johnny and Huw’s ‘seaside tree’

by huw15

It’s June 1998 and Huw is staying with Auntie Carol, Uncle Rob and their children – Johnny and Michael for a few days.  Michael is nearly 6 years old, Johnny is 4, and Huw 2 and a half. 

The days are spent larking about in the sunshine in our garden. The pop up tent is a big hit but the delightful memory is them planting our beech tree in the front garden. With plastic buckets and spades (and a little help from Uncle Rob) a hole is dug and the tree planted. The three of them called this tree their  ‘seaside’ tree – and so it was called that for many years.  They had so much fun together in that little adventure.  The tree outgrew the front garden, but I will plant a new seaside tree  in the back garden and think of that sunny carefree day for all time.  With love from Auntie Carol x x
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