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May 15, 2011

The Harris family: Huw to me stood out from the crowd

by huw15

Alison Harris: My chidren Max (12) and Ella (10) talked about Huw quite a lot.  Playing up at the cricket field they would shout to me “Mum, Mum, there’s Huw!”  He always enthusiastically waved and had a smile.  When I first talked to Huw I was struck at how polite, happy and lovely he was.  He seemed to have the ability to talk to anyone of any age.  I only wish I could remember what he said to me that made me laugh so much.  He stuck out in the crowd of lads as a really great boy.

So many people, as I’m sure you know, thought of Huw as an extra special person………….your wonderful, gregarious, endearing son and brother…………such a happy and endearing person.  His life was one surrounded by people young and old that wanted to be in his company and he made them feel happy.

Huw to me stood out from the crowd and I have a feeling that anyone who met him felt the same.

I asked Max and Stella what was the best thing about Huw and Max says “Huw was great at football and a good batsman” and Ella says “Huw was really really kind.”

Ella: I will miss Huw because he was very kind and funny.  He was very good at football and cricket and I used to see him at the tennis club.  Love Ella.

Max: I will miss Huw because he was funny and I will miss playing football and cricket with him at the cricket club.  He was very good at football and batting when he was playing cricket.  I feel sad about what has happened but I’m glad I knew him.

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