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May 17, 2011

Cardiff can’t ‘do it for Huw’

by huw15

Well the Bluebirds couldn’t make it in the end.  The best team over the two legs won and good luck to Reading in the final.  I think most people around here wanted Cardiff to win for Huw, but it wasn’t to be this year (again!) 

I want to say thank you to everyone who has backed the Bluebirds – in Huw’s memory.  The Bluebirds will always be special for Huw’s family and they have become an icon for lots of people for Huw over the last few months.  Thank you for the banter with Huw over the years about the Bluebirds – from the moment he appeared in a little Cardiff City shirt as a 6 year old at Hepworth training.  He loved the banter and knew it was a bit unusual to be a City fan here in Yorkshire.  The banter with fans like Newcastle, Leeds, Boro and Town has been fun over the years and long may it continue!  Respect to the clubs everyone else supports and respect to everyone for backing the Bluebirds in Huw’s memory.  Carys and me (and other members of our family) will carry on watching City next season – we love the connection with Huw.  Most of all respect to Town and good luck for the play off match against Bournemouth

Huw was so passionate about City and about Hepworth.  Sometimes I’d ask him what if City got relegated or something went wrong at Hepworth – “will they still be your clubs?”  He’d look at me as if I was mad and say “are you crazy?  I’ll always be Hepworth and a City fan!”  We love you Huw and your loyalty and humour about the football.  Good luck to everyone’s clubs next season (and for the rest of this one.)

Good luck to everyone going to the Town match on Wednesday 18th.  COME ON TOWN!

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