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May 29, 2011

Nick: Holidays over Spring Half Term week

by huw15

Huw had some lovely family holidays over the years.  Jenny is going to do some memories of holidays soon, and I’m doing one now because during this half term week, Huw, Carys and me went away for each of the last 5 years.  Last year we were in Benalmadena in the South of Spain and my Mum [who was known to Huw as Granny] was with us for some of the time.  Here he is with Granny and Carys – towering over them – he was so tall even a year ago.

One of the best holidays I had in my life was me with Huw, Carys and their Cousin David 2 years ago.  Here’s a picture of Huw from 2 years ago on that holiday.  It was a mixture of pratting about on the beach, using the pool at the hotel and for us 3 lads playing 5 a side footie 🙂  And I even managed to chill out ocassionally too 🙂  Huw and David were mad about the footie – oh and the food.  Evening dinner was hilarious and Carys and me thought it was funny that David and Huw had to spend 30 mins a day doing school work ha ha.  As soon as I said the 30 mins was up, the lads were off running down the corridor to the 5 a side pitch or the pool – trying to put their trainers on and pull their socks up as they were running.  When we played football Huw was the best player on the pitch and there was a guy in charge there called Allesandro who Huw and I had a good laugh with.  He called me “the dependable defender from Benalmadena” – which was a nice way of saying I was at best steady and reliable – unlike Huw who was his usual self on the pitch.

At half term a  year ago, Huw wanted to go to Bude but couldn’t.  But we had a great holiday in Spain instead and he was so patient about not being able to go to Bude.  He was really mature about it and really tolerant of having a holiday with a varied group of people – me, Carys and Granny.  Actually he loved all our company – he was that sort of boy.  Huw and I played a Spanish game called Real Tennis.  He hammered me – here’s a picture of him on the court.  But I beat him at pool!

And Granny has left a message for Huw :

Memories, tender, loving and bittersweet can never be taken from us.
Nothing can detract from the joy and happiness that we all shared with Huw.
Our love for him, and his love for us, cannot be altered or diminished by time or circumstance.
The memories are ours to keep forever and we store them in our hearts, the treasure house of the past.

Here are 2 pics from the holiday 2 years ago – Huw and Carys had loads of good quality time together – here they are in the pool.  In the one when they are talking to eachother they are laughing about another lad in the pool – laughing in a nice way because Huw wasn’t the kind of guy to take the mick in a bad way – he was such a beautiful young guy.  He was great company on that holiday – me and him watched a few footie matches on telly together (England friendlies before the World Cup started) – those were special times. 

On During that holiday Huw was engaging, energetic and fun.  But also responsible, kind and tolerant with all 3 of us.

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