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June 11, 2011

The Huw Thatcher Trust : helping the ‘eyes alight’ for brain injured people

by huw15

Back in March, we were all devasted and shocked about what happened to Huw.  Today we are still devastated but are all working together to remember Huw in a positive way.  Today, less than 10 weeks after the Trust was set up, Nick and Jenny met with Judith from the national Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) charity to agree how the first £10,000 from Huw’s Trust was going to be used.  It’s going to be used to help the ‘eyes alight’ for 35 to 40 brain injured people – in Yorkshire and the North.

Eyes Alight is an appeal run by BIRT and aims to give a special day or gift to brain injured people – something important to them. It could be anything from a digital piano, to a trip to the ballet.  The chance to meet Boyzone or have a lap top.  Or perhaps something we may take for granted like going to a football match?  These gifts cost a lot – the trips may require the services of specialist staff or facilities as well as travel etc.  At an average price of £250 to £300, the first £10,000 from the Huw Thatcher Trust will make the eyes alight for between 35 and 40 brain injured people.

Every penny and every minute of time that people have generously given to the Huw Thatcher Trust so far, will help give something special to through Eyes Alight.  Whether it’s through you taking part in an activity, buying a wrist band or T shirt, sponsoring someone, helping to organise something, baking a cake or making a donation – your contributions will make a direct difference to someone.  To someone who’s life may have changed in an instant due to an accident or medical situation – perhaps similar to Huw.  Perhaps a vibrant, healthy and beautiful young person like Huw. 

The funds from the Huw’s Trust will be allocated to eyes alight for people in Yorkshire and the North – particularly centred around the BIRT service centres nearest to Huddersfield i.e. the community service in Bradford and Daniel Yorath House in Leeds. 

Eyes Alight is here on Facebook and here on the web.  Something about Huw’s Trust is on the Eyes Alight facebook page and will be added to the web site soon.

Huw’s Trust has now raised nearly £10,000 and we expect it will have raised £20,000 by end August.  We’ll talk with BIRT later in the summer about how the next £10,000 will be used – maybe it’ll be used to help fit out a new centre for brain injured people or something like that? 

The fact that the Trust has been so successful so quickly, reflects how much we are inspired by the spirit of a beautiful teenage boy.  Huw achieved so much in his life; he made a wonderful impression on hundreds of people, and gave many beautiful memories.  It feels just right that Huw’s Trust is doing exactly the same things.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting Huw and helping his Trust make a difference.

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