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June 12, 2011

Huw a year ago

by huw15

A year ago this weekend, Huw took his Grade 4 drum exam.  He passed the exam and was due to be taking his Grade 5 this spring or summer.  Huw was less interested in the theory but played the pieces really well.  He had great rythm as anyone who was in his German lessons and heard him drumming on the desk will know 🙂  Huw loved George – his drum teacher who became a good friend.  Jenny and Nick took Huw to his drum lessons every fortnight at the Rock School in Linthwaite.  Huw loved music overall and we are grateful to everybody who helped with music lessons and introducing him to a different and beautiful part of his varied life. 

This seems very appropriate on the day when Tom from Mcfly and Huw’s Trust got the BIRT eyes alight appeal off to a flying start.

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