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July 3, 2011

They sang & played their hearts out: two superb bands put on a stunning night to remember a stunning 15 year old

by huw15

We knew it would be quite a night last night at the Picturedrome – but we didn’t know it would be such a night to remember.  It felt like teenage Holmfirth met 70s rock and punk; and they got on great 🙂  Huw was there in spirit including the 4 banners that made a beautiful backdrop to the set.   The stage and set up looked a million dollars – the bands, the lighting and Huw behind and above it all.  The night was a perfect combination of people having a wonderful night, great performances by the 2 bands, and everyone remembering Huw in such a positive way.

Well over 500 people showed up.  Spead Weasel got things off to a rocking start with 70s rock – Whole Lodda Love was a highlight.  Age of Paranoia were on second and got the lively part of the night with a massive crew dancing throughout.  But both bands were equally good; stepping right up to play infront of their biggest ever audience.  They looked and sounded like they did it every week – they performed with heart.  That combined with truly professional sound and lighting, made it a spectacle – and a ‘blast’ especially for the hundreds enthusiastically dancing.

It was a combination of professional standard band performances and a community.  The audience ranging from 13 to their 70s.  A big part of the Holmfirth community coming together.  One band from Holmfirth and the other from Linthwaite – the audience primarily from Holmfirth but also well supported by friends and supporters from elsewhere in Huddersfield.

There seemed none of the embarassment that often happens when teenagers and their parents share a night out – everyone threw themselves into it (although we may be corrected on the embarassment point at some stage!)

Nick and Steve said some words in the break after the raffle.  The words and a slideshow of pics are below.  The words gave us a reality check…………why we were there……….the night was an emotional one but in no way sombre or cheesy.  The banners of Huw were beautiful – some people having understandable and very caring reservations beforehand, but realising in the event that Huw’s image just had to be there.  People loved Huw’s giant, beautiful images as a integral part of the night.  He will always be with us, always loved and always remembered xxxxxxx ❤

The second band gave a great chance to for a release, for energy, lots of dancing and a great laugh.  Thanks to 550 generous positive people it was perfect.   Thanks to 550 generous positive people, around £4,500 was made for the charity and will help brain injured people 🙂

Nick said………………….“Hello and are you having a good night blah blah………..and remembering Huw…..his gorgeous smile……..feeling his free spirt……..and remembering his beautiful left foot.  The last few months have seen a lot of people in the community come together because of Huw.  Tonight is a great example of that.  Our friend Dave Brennan uses the saying that ‘if you want something done, then ask a busy person’.  Well Dave’s a busy person but he didn’t even have to be asked to organise this gig – he just did it – just like he did with the coast to coast bike ride next month.  Everyone should have friends like Dave!  We’re very grateful for both the fantastic bands tonight who have given their services for nothing, and to Peter Carr here at the Picturedrome.  Thank you also for the donations for raffle prizes and Phil and Janet Clapham for organising the raffle, and of course to all of you who have spent your ‘Saturday night money’ to be here tonight.”

“Sport and music are good ways to deal with things like what happened to Huw.  Tonight it’s music.  Yesterday it was sport.  I want to introduce Huw’s Uncle Steve who yesterday cycled 200 miles in one day from the Cardiff City Stadium (where Huw had many happy times) to Sands in Holmfirth (where he had even more happy times).  And Huw’s 13 year old cousin Doug who cycled 112 miles with Steve.  Dave Brennan and me cycled over Holme Moss to meet them last night.  Dave and I thought we’d be nursing Doug and Steve back over Holme Moss, but they pulled away from us and disappeared up that mountain and we couldn’t get close.  They creamed it.  They raised £1,000 for the Trust.  They did it for Huw……it came from the heart.  Hands together for Steve. “

Steve went on to say what Huw meant to him, how he loved to visit Holmfirth and it was difficult to leave here after visits…………..and how he felt the tallest man in the world being Huw’s uncle (eventhough he is 5’7”)!

Nick finished by saying…………….“We hope we can do something similar next year jointly with Hepworth Football Club.  And Jenny isn’t here tonight, but she’s ok, it just wasn’t her time tonight.  But she’s ok and says thank you so much to everyone and sends her love.”

“We have always valued the community of Holmfirth – as did Huw – he loved this place.  Thank you for supporting Huw and most of all thank you to the people who were Huw’s friends and who loved and supported him during his life, and who continue to support him now.  In particular thank you to the amazing and beautiful teenagers of this town – I love you…………  The first Age of Paranoia song is dedicated to the teenagers of Holmfirth and in particular to Huw Thatcher who will be a teenager forever.”

Teenage Kicks was the first Age of Paranoia number 🙂

As people drifted away into the summer night after the gig, many of them asked if we can do it again soon!  Some people came up and said it was the best night out they’ve had in ages.  It was a success in every way.  Thank you Dave Brenan, the bands and everyone.  Here are the pics…….

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