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July 6, 2011

Memories from Sam Briggs : for the 9 years I knew him he was my big brother

by huw15

Sam Briggs has been a good friend of Huw’s since the early years of Junior School at Upperthong.  He has memories of coming with Huw, Carys and Nick to the glamorous surroundings of Glanford Park to see Scunthorpe vs Cardiff City!  And more so being a great friend of Huw’s.

Scunthorpe vs Cardiff City 14th November 2010

Somehow we got an extra ticket for this match for nothing!  Huw said Sam would probably enjoy it – he’s up for any footie game 🙂  We had Macdonalds before the game and met some other City fans to watch the match with.  The game was known (among City and Scunthorpe matches) for a spat between one Craig Bellamy and a Scunthorpe fan and a Jay Bothroyd brace that saw the big centre forward called up to the England squad – he went on to play for the last 20 mins at Wembley the following week.

For us 4 the game was famous for an amusing incident before the match.  There was a white Range Rover behind us with a glammed up woman driving (and no passengers) and the number plate included the letters JAY.  We assumed it was the big centre forward’s car and did a Cardiff City salute to her.  It was returned by a rude gesture and we were left bemused that a City player’s girlfriend would do that!  Or was it the big centre forward’s car.  The mystery was solved in April this year when Carys and I happend to see Big Jay get into a BLACK Ranger Rover in Doncaster (after another match) with a different girl – we were releaved to understand it wasn’t Jay’s girl who was so abusive at Scunthorpe – but still wonder who the drive of the white Ranger Rover was?

Sam and Huw as friends

Sam has left messages for Huw as follows:

Huw 2  He could always light up a day with that cheeky grin.  Every day he was happy, no matter what.  For the 9 years I knew him he was my big brother.  He will be massively missed by everyone because everyone loved hi company and how a frown was never shown.  You could always make me happy and I wouldn’t stop smiling when I was around you.  For 9 years I looked up to you as a big brother and an idol, I always wanted to be like you but I will never achieve this as you were such a hero, a legend and you will never be forgotten (edit by Nick; Sam you should be proud of yourself in your own right mate – truly!  We’re proud of you being Huw’s friend 🙂  )

It was far too early for for you to go, but no matter what I will always love you and remember you forever!  I love you Thatch!  You’ll never walk alone.  Love from Sam Briggs.

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