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July 8, 2011

Pleasure and pain : the leg waxing at school raises an incredible £1,4000

by huw15

Huw’s friends continue to act with the deepest respect, compassion, care and love for him that you could imagine.  The latest in a long line of things they have done to remember Huw and raise money was the leg waxing event at school on Wednesday 6th July.  The total funds are still being collected but the estimate is £1,400 which exceeded all our expectations.  And they had a lot of fun from the pleasure and pain they all took part in.

Huw’s friends Ella Marshall and Tom Hartland organised the event with a group of others and special thanks to the victims Tom Hartland, Will Clowes, Joe Irving, George ‘little’ Richardson, George ‘big’ Richardson, Jonny Fleetwood, Jordan Craven, Louie Barby, Evan Griffin and Ben Sykes.  These lads have part waxed legs and the soreness to show for their pain.  Many of them have left various messages on Facebook saying how they are glad to have subjected themselves to the ordeal for Huw’s Trust 🙂 

The girls who forced themselves to see their mates yelping infront of an intrigued audience of 150 people were Ella, Tayla Booty, Emily Fielding, Tara Atkinson, Stevie Smalley, Caroline Hamilton, Hayley Diamond, Heather Penson and Paige Bilbrough!  And Lucy Ellis took photos (bet she loved doing that!)  Thanks also to Alfie-Jo Thewlis who did the music and Matthew Gardner who videoed it!

The pictures are now at the bottom of this writing.

Oh and they had a teacher, Mr Davidson who let someone wax his legs for whoever bid the most.  Lucy Ellis bid £20.  That is just the best – thank you Lucy and Mr Davidson!  There was also someone bidding money for each guy too!

Ella says ‘it was fab’ – and there is no reason to doubt that.

Abbie Dare wrote the following account of the spectacle – thanks Abbie.

‘I was late for this amazing event as I was on prefect duty so as me and a few other people were running down the corridor to make sure we weren’t missing anything we heard this huge yelp of despair. We walked in to see the boys sat at the front some of them with tears in their eyes!  The next person was to be waxed and it was little George as soon as they ripped off the strip he just squealed and really did look like he was going to cry from the pain.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at someone’s pain before.  When the bidding started everyone was going higher and higher to wax the victim of their choice and it all seemed better knowing that the money we were giving went to an amazing cause.  As I sat there watching I was imagining Huw up there, he would of been one of the boys to volunteer.  It was a great event so thankyou to Ella and Tom for organising it and all the boys who had their very hairy legs waxed and raising so much money for our amazing friend’s trust 🙂  I know he would of been watching from up there and laughing as much as we were proud to know what his friends would do for him. ♥’

We promise to keep the web site up to date with how the money will be spent. 

These amazing friends of Huw should be proud of them selves once again. In fact we’re all proud of you 🙂 x x

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