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July 13, 2011

In 3 months Huw’s Trust has raised £24,000; we have all done some truly amazing things to pay tribute to a beautiful young guy

by huw15

In the 3 months since Huw’s Trust was set up, we have all raised £24,000 in tribute to Huw.  In the course of the wonderful events that have contributed to this fantastic total, new friendships have been made, existing friendships have become more important, and parts of the local community have been strengthened.  All of these things were at the heart of what Huw held dear.  A better tribute to a beautiful boy could not have been paid. 

Every penny donated and every participation in an event has contributed to the money raised, the friendships developed, the fulfillment that people have felt and the love for Huw that has been expressed.  Every cake baked, wrist band, T shirt or football programme purchased has contributed to an enduring legacy that Huw’s Spirit has inspired.  Every minute spent planning an event, every pedal turned, ball kicked, note played, hair extracted from a boy’s leg 🙂 and every beautiful word expressed, will contribute to improving the life of a brain injured person.  Every emotion experienced and loving word about Huw written or spoken has helped us all start to reluctantly accept what has happened.

Huw’s legacy will endure for ever, and the community he loved is in some ways a bit richer for the efforts, generosity and love of everyone who has contributed in any way to Huw’s Trust.   Everything that has been done and experienced has very much reflected the spirit of Huw – fun, loving, caring, sometimes competitive, respect and love for friends and family, energetic, lively and sometimes creatively pushing back boundaries.  Huw’s spirit has been present at all the events and tributes; in whatever way people choose or believe, his spirit has been keenly felt. 

Thank you somehow seems not quite to be the right expresssion.  But Huw’s immediate family, wider family, friends and acquaintances all hugely appreciate the efforts, compassion and love of everyone who has given time, money and love.  Whether it has been the advice and effort of an adult, or the creativity and personal touch of a teenage friend (all of whom we adore) from Huw’s lovely teenage world …………………the contributions to Huw’s Trust have caused many of us to think about things in a different light.

The first £10,000 raised by the Trust was paid into the Eyes Alight appeal and we’ll soon be able to say how the second (and third for that matter) £10,000 are going to be used.  We’ll keep Huw’s web site up to date with these developments. 

Huw’s smile and spirit are everywhere and will always be with the many who loved him, and who he loved in equal measure xxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤

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