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July 16, 2011

I believe, somewhere a light is shining

by huw15

I just love this music – Jenny and I listened to it on the way back from Daniel Yorath House on Friday.  And Carys and me listened to it today as well.  ‘I Believe’ is by a Cardiff band (Tigertailz).  One of the band members (John Pepper) is a family friend who knew Huw and travelled from Cardiff to be with us all on 25th March.  ‘I Believe’ has become an anthem for their bass player (Pepsi Tate) who sadly passed away 4 years ago.  Nick, Jenny, Huw and Carys met Pepsi at the wedding of Huw’s Uncle (Steve) 11 years ago.  Pepsi was a talented and lovely guy – his real name is Justin Huw Smith. 

‘I Believe’ is a beautiful song.  I believe somewhere that Huw’s light is still shining  – the light of another talented and beautiful guy x x x

Click here and have a listen on You Tube

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