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July 25, 2011

Free and happy playing Samba football early 2011; including some video

by huw15

Huw loved the Year 10 Samba lunchtime footie organised by Mr Blezzard earlier this year and I know a lot of the other lads felt the same.  He enjoyed playing footie with his friends in the playground almost as much as a big game for Hepworth.  And that in itself says so much about about Huw – it was family and friends that counted most for him above anything else.  There is a video link below that makes it plain just how much he loved the Samba football with his friends.

The whole humour of the Samba football was great between the lads.  Huw thought it was all hilarious.  His team for this inter form Samba competition for the year 10s at school was called the ´Bluebirds”.  Nick and Huw managed to get together 7 blue Cardiff shirts between them for the lads including a keepers shirt.   Huw was laughing about Calum´s fitting session and the fact it had a keepers shirt which was first worn by Gabs. 

By the end and including the video below, the City kits had been dispensed with and they just played in school uniform! 

Huw thought his team might win – he made a careful choice of players bearing in mind the restrictions on the number of school team players allowed in each Samba team! 

Huw came home really happy on 1st March (like most days.)  Laughing about a video that one of the lads had made of the Samba footie including Crov’s brilliant commentary.  He insisted that I watched it with him that very night and I loved it – we had a great laugh about it.  I can remember it as if I was sitting with him infront of the PC yesterday.

Huw ended up as joint top scorer with Edson and Chris Traynor – eventhough he never got to play all the games.  His team finished second out of nine teams.  But none of this was the point – the point was the lads all having a great laugh together.  The lads and girls in Year 10 of 2010-11 are a very special group.

The Bluebirds beat the Barby Boys by a lot – but as with the 5 a side tournament to remember Huw in June, it is a credit to Louie that he got together a team and took part with a great attitude ie that he was gonna enjoy it.  Huw respected that and Huw knew that Louie’s real talents lie in music (and he’s a very good cyclist.)  Huw pointed out to me a few times about Louie and his music.  Most important Louie is a lovely guy and great laugh and that’s why Huw liked him, whatever the football score. 

The video of Huw’s ‘Bluebirds’ team playing against the ‘Barby Boys’ on 1st March 2011 can be viewed here on You Tube.  Thank you Jordan and the others who did the video.

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