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August 1, 2011

A lovely peaceful day today at Huw’s bench painting his tubs and planting them; thank you for helping :)

by huw15

It was such a lovely peaceful day today painting and planting the tubs in Huw’s area at Sands.  It was a pleasure for us 3 doing it with Huw’s lovely friends; thank you so much for helping us make it a special place.

The tubs look lovely alongside Huw’s bench to make an ‘H’ shape – a special area for Huw.  Thank you to Ellie, Little George, Louie, Sean and Liam for helping paint the tubs and to Lyn, Lawrence, Will and Ellie for helping the 3 of us with the planting.

It was a pleasure making Huw’s area special with all of you and it was great to see other friends down there today as well such as Big George, Chris, Fraser, Robbie and Edson.

And it was nice talking to Fraser for the first time and talking about camp outs and Huw’s ‘ripped hoodie’ incident 🙂

Whenever I see Huw’s area it’s lovely to see people chilling out there and it’s an area that gives his family and friends a lot of comfort.

Huw, everyone loves you and will do forever.  Your special area at Sands is a symbol of that love.  A symbol of a truly special son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend x x x

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