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August 6, 2011

Bottle of whisky signed by the Prime Minister & news of lovely things to remember Huw ♥

by huw15

There have been a number of interesting things this week, that show how much what happened to Huw has touched people – and are a real boost to his Trust.  One of the most eye catching is the donation of a bottle of House of Commons whisky, signed by David Cameron, but a lot more has happened this week too.

The week started with us making further arrangements with Brighouse Town for the match to remember Huw on 15th August.  It promises to be a fitting and positive (if emotional at times) occassion and Dual Seal Glass (Brighouse sponsors) have agreed to sponsor the match and donate £100 to start things off; that’s a great gesture and gets things off to a flying start.

Then on Tuesday we received most of the sponsorship money from July’s cricket ground cycle – which turns out to be £1,000 more than we thought!  That is such a touching response from everyone, including a big donation from a local firm – Principle Consulting.

On Wednesday we had a message from Holme Valley Parish Council – the Chairman (Tom Dixon) is going to make Huw’s Trust one of the 2 charities that he supports this year.  Again that is a great offer from the Council and from Tom for which we are very grateful.  It’ll be great to do some things in partnership with the Parish Council.

On Thursday, Paula Moss from Hepworth contacted me – she organises an annual charity fun run / race each year called the ‘Hepworth Dryad‘ and would like to do next year’s event for Huw’s Trust.  This is going to be at the end of June 2012.  I first met Paula 3 years ago in the trophy shop at Milnsbridge when I was picking up the trophies for the Hepworth football end of year awards and she was picking up the Hepworth Dryad ones.  It was great that she made contact again recently and remembered that chance meeting 3 years ago.

And then on Friday our local MP (Jason Mcartney) asked me to pop into his office as he had personally purchased a bottle of House of Commons whisky for us to auction or use as a raffle prize – that was kind of Jason, especially as he arranged for the Prime Minister to sign it!  (Incidentally I’ve seen on on e-bay that got sold for around £50, so if anyone wants to buy it for that amount they would be welcome to have it.)  We met Jason on the cricket ground cycle ride which he joined for a while, and on Friday he also gave us a cheque for £150 for the Trust from a business contact.  Jason has offered support Huw’s Trust however he can and we would like to thank Jason his support.

The week finished with Jenny and Carys getting back from the Lake District where they had been checking everything out for the Coast to Coast bike ride that 30 of us are taking part in from 11th August.  It was a really good trip for them – in many ways, including finding out a lot about the route, the overnight stops and so on.

The fact that these donations and gestures weren’t solicited by us, but are based on what these generous people and organisations wanted to do, makes it all the more meaningful.  We have all also heard from so many people this week with lovely messages and thoughts about Huw.  His family and friends are missing him in the summer holidays; a time of year when over the years he was such good company and had lovely times with so many people x x x

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