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August 8, 2011

Lauren Samson & Marie Brammah: ‘You were so lovely’….’you are one of the sweetest, kindest people I have met’

by huw15

Lauren and Marie both left lovely messages for Huw in March –they both knew Huw but said they didn’t know him well.  Either way they have said some lovely things about Huw – thank you Lauren and Marie for the memories.

Lauren Samson

Well I don’t exactly know what to say as I’m so shocked.

I didn’t know you tons but I definitely knew you….if that makes any sense.  I knew you more in years 7 and 8, though that was partly to do with the fact that I fancied the pants off of you.  I remember giving you some Linkin Park badges because I found you liked Linkin Park, like me but now I’ve gone off them!  I gave you the badges wrapped in some lined paper – deary me. Then it came to my birthday and all my friends told you to buy me something, so you bought me a bag of maltesers, thanks, now oddly I’m addicted to them!

Anyway I’ve been rambling on a tad, I just wanted you to know that if you see this from up there or you’re watching me …… I’m not a randomer and I did cry about you but not straight away, I think it’s only just sunk in…….  You were so lovely and seemed to have a great laugh with everyone and your smile was lovely.  Everyone’s missing you so much, I don’t know one person that isn’t!  I better stop writing now as my hand hurts.  Have fun up there with the ladies Huw.  Love Lauren Samson x

Marie Brammah

Dear Huw.  I don’t really know what to say, the thought that you are gone forever is shocking and sad to us all.

We met on the ICT camp trip, you were sat next to me and Hannah on the coach.  I know we didn’t really know eachother that well, but I knew you well enough to say you are one of the sweetest, kindest people I have met, and I will miss you a lot.

In French, me, Hannah, Hayley and Tamsin used to talk about the fit boys in our year, and you came up a lot!  I know you are in peace now, and maybe one day you will come down from heaven and visit us, but our love and memories are enough to keep us going for now.  Love from Marie  x x x x

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