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August 27, 2011

George ‘Little’ Richardson: You were an amazing, talented, hilarious, and respected person, who will be remembered in the hearts and minds of everyone

by huw15

George ‘Little’ Richardson (just like ‘Big’ George Richardson) is another good friend of Huw’s – I’m not sure what they’ll do about their names if ‘little’ George gets the same size as ‘big’ George 🙂  There’s not much in it now!  Little George has lots of good memories of Huw.  George lent Huw some gear for Ella’s surprise fancy dress party in early March this year.  It was a bit tight on Huw which made everyone laugh  the picture here is Huw in the gear giving Ella some Heros chocs for her birthday.  I dropped Huw off outside the pub in Scholes to meet George that night and picked him up at the party.  Huw had a wonderful time that night at Ella’s party with George and a whole bunch of his lovely friends.  And here are some more memories from George.

Huw was in Miss Ward’s form with George and they shared some lessons.  George took the cheeky picture of Huw that’s on his Facebook profile shown here 🙂

George remembers having a great laugh with Huw at parties, down at Sands, barbecues at Sands and Little Wembley and trips to Turtle Pools.  George was also involved with the great pics of some of them dressed up and messing about in the Health and Safety gear at school in Autumn 2010.  Huw and George used to laugh in science lessons; Huw claiming there was a mistake with the marking if he didn’g get a good mark 🙂

George wrote a message for Huw in March:

I still can’t believe it I’m sure everyone who knows you can’t believe it as well.  Something like this should never happen to someone as amazing as you.  You are my best friend and you will always stay my best friend.  You were an amazing, talented, hilarious, and respected person, who will be remembered in the hearts and minds of everyone.  I’m going to miss you Huw, but I will never forget the time we shared together, and the amazing memories I have of me and you.  Those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Much love, George ‘Little’ Richardson.

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There is a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.
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