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August 30, 2011

Sponsored walk last Sunday – they avoided the showers but maybe this was helped by visits to the pubs?

by huw15

A sponsored walk took place around the Valley last Sunday.  The 12 people who took part are Molly Jowett, George Jowett, Andy Jowett, Karen Jowett, Amanda Hellawell, Graeme Hoyle, Emma Louise Hardwick, Julie Aston, Philip Woods, Ian Hoyle, Dave Hardwick and Aidan Weir.

Carys and Nick met the group breifly in Netherthong before they set off and they all had a good time – raising around £800 to be split between Cancer Research and Huw’s Trust.  That’s such a good amount for 12 people and such a nice positive thing to do for 2 great causes.

They managed to avoid most of the showers but maybe that was helped by visits to The Ford, Farmers Arms, Royal Oak, Boot & Shoe, Red Lion and the Old Bridge Hotel?   Molly was friendly with Huw and says ‘I really enjoyed it! Worked hard and got about 5 blisters on each foot! All worth it  tho 🙂:) xx’  Hope the feet are getting better Molly?

I was just thinking about the pubs they visited and they all have a little memory concerning Huw just like most places do……………

Huw had some family meals in the Ford – one of them when Huw and Carys were very young.  We had Christmas dinner at the Royal Oak (Upperthong) in December 2004 and Huw attended 2 cricket presentation nights there too.  Huw used to meet friends outside the Boot and Shoe in Scholes and went in there for a pint (of coke!) with a friend one time when it started raining ha ha.  Some of the Dads were there from football and we laughed about Huw going for a pint when he was 12 or 13!  Huw was dropped off near the Red Lion for a party one time during which he played (drums) in a band in front of his friends.  Finally the Old Bridge – Nick, jenny and Huw stayed there for 2 weeks 15 and a half years ago when we had just moved here before we could move into our house in Shaw Lane.  Huw got an ear infection one night and we had to get the doctor out and he made a noise and kept quite a few people up, ahhhh.

Thanks for organising the walk Graeme and to Molly and all the others for taking part in a lovely community event from Netherthong.

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