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September 17, 2011

To where you are: who can say for certain, maybe you’re still here?

by huw15

One of Huw’s friends (a girl from his school year) was thinking of Huw the other day – this is her memory and at the end is a link to a beautiful song she heard on the radio.

“I heard a song on the radio the other day and for some reason, it made me remember being in Huw’s team playing Benchball on Friday 11th March, and his never faltering smile…………even when I was the last one in the game (completely hopeless, and without a doubt, never ever going to be able to get the ball to my team who were all stood on the bench) and he was stood there, smiling, and cheering me on, laughing when I missed an easy chance (which  we all know, Huw would have taken and won the game).  When we (I) lost the game, Huw said ‘well done’………….still smiling.  I knew he really wanted to win, like always, but he took it well. I seem to remember that the only reason he was out of the game was my fault in the first place – he took that well too, predictably!

And although we lost that game, we actually managed to win that benchball tournament – thanks entirely to Huw, I think.”

Here’s the song that Huw’s friend heard on the radio.  I don’t know if everyone thinks Josh Groban is cool but this song and these lyrics are beautiful.  Thank you for the memory  x x

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