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September 25, 2011

Here’s some feedback from a good day cycling on 24th September

by huw15

Here are some pics and some feedback from the cycling event organised by the Cullaighs on Saturday 24th Sept.  A good group turned up and they all had a really good day and raised some money for Huw’s trust.  Most of all it was something that the Cullaighs wanted to do to remember Huw in a positive way – thank you and well done everybody.

The day got off to an amusing start trying to put up 2 tents which Paul and Elizabeth Watson had kindly supplied.  The only difficulty was we weren’t quite sure how to put them up.  If someone had filmed it and assessed us for one of those recruitment exercises none of us would have got the job!  At least the tents got up eventually, even if one of them was lop sided and inside out.  Fortunately they weren’t tested too much by the wind 🙂 and we were grateful to Paul and Elizabeth for the tents and for their help putting them up and going back to get them at the end of the day.

Over 30 cyclists turned up including all 5 of the Cullaighs, Isaac Ezro, cycling legend Chris Walker and his family, Les and Rob Harper, Adam and Katie Waterman and 5 of their family, James and Sue Charlesworth and their youngest, and Ellie Marshall’s little brother.  Some came from Wakefield, others from Huddersfield and of course lots from the Holme Valley.  I’m not sure of everyone who went and there were others – thank you for supporting Gabz and John on the day.

There were freshly made cakes for the cyclists afterwards as well from Pat Dewsbury, Angela Bellas, Ella Marshall, Jane Travis and Bryon Standbridge.  Again apologies if there are any others not mentioned!

Jenny, Ella and the Cullaighs looked after the registrations and the refreshments and were joined by other friends during the day such as Ella’s Mum, Anglea and Amy Bellas and Jane Travis. I was disappointed to hear all of Ella’s cake got bought – oh well another time maybe!

Gabz was a good friend of Huw’s and played football with Huw in the school team and for a few years at Hepworth.  They became friends 4 years ago with a shared interest in drumming which resulted in Huw and Carys going to the Cullaighs for tea a number of times with Huw playing drums and generally messing about there with Gabz, his brother Fabian (Fabz!), sister Hermione and of course Carys.  They were really happy times for all 5 of them and Huw stayed good friends with Gabz, often walking to and from school with him.  Nick was delighted to hear Gabz telling him the story of the walk to school when Huw threw a raspberry at a car last year and the amusing sequence of events that followed – why a raspberry? That made me laugh, but I’m sure I would have had wise words with Huw if I knew about this at the time 🙂

Anyway – here are the photos and thank you to everyone involved yesterday.

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There’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.

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