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October 25, 2011

Final day (Sunday) added to what Huw wrote in his diary of half term in October 2006 :)

by huw15

Sunday 29thth October 2006 from Huw’s diary has now been added below.

As part of his school work in his last year at Upperthong Junior School, Huw had to write a diary of what he did in the October half term holiday.  So we go back to October 2006, Huw was in year 6 and was nearly 11.

Huwie’s original spelling and grammar have been left 🙂

By Huw Thatcher Thursday 26th October 2006

I woke up at 6:45 in my cousins room.  I was bored because there was nobody else awake.  But my cousin’s gerbils were entertaining me by leaping around the place in there cage.  Soon I woke up Michael and he finally lurched out of bed.  he was four-teen and tall with blonde hair.  Finally Johnny woke up aswell the Carys then dad and last of all my aunt and uncle.  Johnny was Michael’s brother.  Aunty Carol made a fried breakfast we went to the park to play football.  I had two other cousines Rhys and David who lived down the road and David want to play aswell so he came to the park and played aswell.  But before that we had lunch, which was pasta.  After the park which we spent 2 hours at we went home and played for a bit then, we had tea.  It was roast dinner, I liked it.  Soon after we had to go to bed and that was the end of the day, see you tommorow.

By Huw Friday 27th October 2006 in Newbury, Berkshire 🙂

The next morning I woke up in a really tired way.  We watched T.V. and had breakfast, we had cereal.  Next we played a few games, then we went to visit are other cousins Rhys and David.  We had sandwiches for lunch but before we went on a walk round the resivour.  After that me and David played pool and cards, as well as playing outside.  My other Aunty and Uncle were making another roast dinner.  Soon it was time for it.  It tasted really rich and I enjoyed it.  For pudding we had choclate cake and cream on, it was heaven!  After a meal that was kind to my tummy we had to got to bed!  Rubbish but on the plus side we could watch Mr Bean as well.  Carys was already asleep.  I soon fell asleep and had peaceful night.

By Huw Saturday 28th October 2006 in Cardiff 🙂

I woke up at Rhys and David’s house in David’s room, it was freezing.  David woke up shortly after me.  Carys, me and David found that there was nothing to do so we watched T.V.  Soon my Aunty woke up and made scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Today we were going to Cardiff to see my Granny and watch the football match at Cardiff.  But before I needed new trainers so first we went to JJB to get them.  David and my uncle were coming to see the match as well.  After my trainers were bought, we set off for Cardiff.  Later on we came to the 7th Bridge, there was a queue and we waited 1/2 an hour to get past the tolls.  We got past the bridge we were only 1/2 an hour away from granny’s.

Soon we got their and said hello, then we had lunch it was crisps and bacon sandwiches.  After lunch we went to the match and we were meant to meet Uncle Mark and David, they set off a bit later than us from Newbury.  Sooner or later we were in are seats, waiting for David and Uncle mark.  Then they came, after a long wait the match started and got off to a flying start.

The match was Cardiff City Vs Derby County, the atmosphere was amazing the whole crowed were roaring like hungry lions waiting for a goal.  Later on the first goals came, we were 1-0 up are defender scored a cracking goal from his head.  10 minutes later the solitary goal still told the difference between the two sides, until they grabbed one back at 1-1.  Then Cardiff scored again and the crowed went wild like they just won the lottery.  It was in the 90th minute when…………Derby got another, oh no!  Both teams went home with the points shared equally.  When we got back to grannys we had tea and said bye to David, Uncle Mark and granny.  The journey home took 3 hours, we pulled ourselves into bed after a tiring day and fell to sleep.

By Huw Sunday 30th October 2006 in Holmfirth 🙂

On Sunday morning I woke up feeling nervous because I was playing for my football team Hepworth United U’ 11s. We were playing against Norristhore.  Also on my team who went to Upperthong School were James, Sam and William, my dad was the Coach of the team and somebody called Pete was the manager. We had breakfast and dad took me and Carys to the match with me in my kit.  We were going to meet my mum at the pitch.

Finally we got to the pitch.  We started the match very well, James passed it to me and I kicked it up field, Callum received the ball and scored we were 1-0 up.  Five minutes came and we scored again 2-0 and again, and again. At half time we were 4-0 up.  In the second half we had to defend a lot 20 minutes later we were 7- 0 up we were doing really well.

In the 60th minute they got one goal but it didn’t dampen our spirits we were still winning.  Finally the game finished and we got a round of aplause from the crowd.  We travelled back home, with dad saying we did very well to get 3 points. We had lunch at dads and went to mums for tea and to sleep. That was my holiday I hope you enjoyed it, bye !!!

Cute memories from beautiful 11 year old Huwie x x x ♥♥♥

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