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October 28, 2011

Huw and Carys have won a ‘Yorkshire Children of Courage and Achievement’ award ♥

by huw15

Huw and Carys were jointly awarded with the joint fundraiser and sports award at the ‘Yorkshire Children of Courage and Achievement Awards’ dinner at Harrogate on Thursday 28th October.  Sam Bellas and Heather Smith were presented with the award as Carys was on school sports trip in Barcelona.  Heather and Sam said they were ‘honoured’ to receive the award on behalf of Huw and Carys at a positive yet emotional evening.

While the award is for Huw and Carys, it also recognises the efforts of their family and friends who have showed compassion and sensitivity, given their time, and much more for Huw’s trust.  Sam and Heather both looked great and were perfect representatives of Huw and Carys – as would scores of the other young cousins and friends have been – and all of whom should take great credit from being part of the moving and positive things that have been done in the last 7 months to remember Huw and raise nearly £34,000 to help brain injured people.

It was a lovely evening in many ways and sad in others.  High spots for Nick and Jenny were seeing some true courage from so many young people there and enjoying the company of Heather and Sam.  The awards were presented by celebrities including Howard Webb (2010 Champions Leauge and World Cup Final referee), Simon Grayson (manager of Leeds United), Andrew Gayle (Yorkshire Cricket captain), and Tanya Arnold (from BBC Yorkshire who presented the award to Sam and Heather.)  Howard Webb went missing when he was first due on stage – amusingly he was in the toilet.  It didn’t take long before (predictably) several people (including the guy with the microphone) suggested that he deserved a yellow card!

As well as being moved by the evening, us 4 had some laughs – like chatting in the car and all of us laughing about the older lady on our table who was making a fuss about Sam’s appetite.  Like a true Yorkshire-man Sam ensured nothing was wasted out of our 4 meals – to be honest that was very sensible of Sam to make good use of what we were provided with and we ended up laughing at the other guests more than they were laughing at Sam.  In seriousness though the family sat on our table must have been very proud of their 12 year old son who won an award for bravery after a liver tranplant followed by serious illness.

One of the main sponsors of the event was the St James Partnership, and we have been advised to apply for some funding from them as a contribution to Huw’s trust in 2012 🙂

In the face of adversity we often expect adults to rise to the challenges. Huw’s adult friends and family have certainly done that recently, but we don’t always assume that young people will respond the same.  But that’s where we’re wrong. Huw’s young cousins and teenage friends have shown courage and compassion beyond their years in recent months, but the quiet determination of Carys, really stands out.  Carys is devastated by the loss of her big brother, but has been a brave and inspirational figure at a wide range of fund raising events to remember Huw. She has been spurred on by her unconditional love for Huw and a desire to do something positive.  When people have seen her, standing alone when she  should have had Huw beside her, then they themselves have been spurred on by her unassuming and determined efforts.  The impact has been the same whether she has been climbing the Pennines on her bike, or doing well on a day to day basis at school, or on the hockey pitch.

Nick and Jenny are as proud as they could ever be, that the love for their beautiful son and the achievements of his courageous sister, have inspired great things.  Huw’s Trust is testimony to a boy who was becoming a wonderful young man, and his adoring sister.  This award recognises Huw and Carys as symbols of what is good about young people in Yorkshire and we also congratulate all the young people who won awards last night.  To Nick and Jenny, Huw and Carys are shining examples of the spirit of youth; a spirit that will live on and on.

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