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November 3, 2011

Kate and Lauren showed a lot of courage, commitment and love for Huw ♥ ♥

by huw15

It takes a lot of courage when you’re 15 to stand up and talk to 5 assemblies in school about something that is very important to you and also very sad. And it takes commitment (and something else special) to bake over 200 cakes and to organise a cake sale for over twice that many – and make £500 for charity.  But that’s exactly what twin sisters Kate and Lauren have done this week in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire.

Every day this week Kate, Lauren and their friends have made me smile and maybe somewhere Huw’s smiling too 🙂:)  It was hard for them talking at the assemblies but they had a lot of fun baking over 200 cakes with their Mum and they enjoyed loads of support from their friends who helped bake another 250 odd cakes and then bought and ate nearly 500 of them at cake stalls throughout the week.  This was totally their idea and as well as raising over £500 they did something amazing to remember Huw in a positive way.

Huw was at Upperthong School with Kate and Lauren Hawkridge, and for one year at Holmfirth High.  Kate and Lauren moved to Hampshire with their family just over 3 years ago.  They were close to Huw (especially Kate I think) and had some great times a few years ago.

Kate and Lauren live 250 miles from Yorkshire, but they feel the loss of Huw just like anyone else.

Kate put this message on Huw’s Facebook page:

‘Huw thatcher……. I miss u sooo much and that feeling is never gonna fade away……… Nothing I say will cover how much I miss u ………today was hard but very very worth it …….  Wish I could still see ur cheeky smile again xx ♥’

It was lovely to see Kate and Lauren at Sands over the summer when they were visiting Holmfirth and I remember so clearly Huw with Kate or Lauren on various occassions taking the mick and bantering after school etc.  Huw thought a lot of them ♥ Here’s a class picture from Upperthong a long time ago with Huw, Lauren and Kate in it, along with some other familiar (but younger) faces.

A big thank you to everyone involved at Thornden School for caring, and for caring enough to do lovely things and remember Huw in a positive way.  And lots of love to Kate and Lauren.

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There’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.

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