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November 10, 2011

The Bowers: You had it all Huw: kind, caring, looks and a little bit of mischief we all loved you for

by huw15

The Bowers family (parents Nige and Jules, son Will and his elder sister Charlotte) first met Huw when he and Will were 5 and they became great friends.  Here are some lovely memories from all of them.  Thank you for letting us put these on Huw’s web site 🙂

From William

Thatch.  I have known you since I was 5 and we were always friends.  You made me laugh every time I was with you and sometimes you had mischevious antics but you always apologised because you are such a great guy and a gentleman.  One of my best memories of you was when we were going to Cornwall and you ate all the sandwiches except 2 and you ate all the tomatoes and a Wimpy burger and chips.  You had such a big appetite and an even bigger heart.   I remember at Junior School it was you and Trav and Rory vs The Rest and you won all the time because of your quality at football.  You were such a gifted player but most of all you were a great friend for nine amazing years we have known each other. Lots of love x x Bill.

From Charlotte

Huw :)  You cheeky little thing!  I’ll always keep your memories close to my heart (even if you did drive me nuts sometimes ha ha).  You were gorgeous and funny and intelligent and amazing but most of all an amazing brother to Carys and a good friend to everyone.  You have been taken from us too soon and I know you had such big dreams for yourself.

You will be in our thoughts and hearts forever and wherever you are remember that we ALL loved you (but you knew that one!!)

Rest in peace Sweetheart, and don’t worry, your little sister has inherited a whole football team full of brothers to do the protective thing! (Lucky her!)  Lots of love, Charlotte :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Julie

Huw.  No one will ever be able to replace your gorgeous smile.  My biggest memories of you are the times from aged give years old that you would spend coming for tea at mine and the numerous questions you would ask me in the car on the way back: “Julie, what’s for tea?” “Can I have a snack before tea?” “Can I have a snack after tea?” You’re just so loveable Huw.  Anoher big memory for me was how sensitive you were too, you loved and cared for everyone around you and if your Mum, Dad or Carys were late picking you up from mine you would always worry about them.  You had it all Huw: kind, caring, looks and a little bit of mischief we all loved you for.  I will miss you so very much Huw. Love Jules xxxx

From Nigel

Huw.  Training when you were around was never dull!  The number of times I must have said ‘Huw – don’t kick that ball’…….. But you did listen and and you turned into a great footballer.  You were the rock at the centre of the defence and at the cenre of the team.  you will never be replaced – number 2 will always be yours.  You left us too soon, but you will never be forgotten.  Nigel.

There’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.

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