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November 25, 2011

Remembering Huw with lots of love on his 16th birthday

by huw15

It was Huw’s 16th birthday on Friday 25th November.  Huw loved his birthdays and this year it was a very important date for lots of his family and friends.

Ever since he was 1, Huw always celebrated his birthday twice – once with his family and once with his friends.  On his first birthday, he had a cake and happy birthday sung to him at nursery, and then he had presents at home with Mum and Dad (Carys wasn’t around until his 2nd birthday!)

Last year when he was 15 he went out for a meal at Picollino’s in Holmfirth with Mum, Dad and Carys and then had a day with his friends – which included the daytime at Paintball (which Dad fixed up) and a sleepover with friends afterwards at Mum’s.  He had such a lovely day on his 15th birthday.  The Paintball was a great success – he loved it and was really appreciative of such a great activity.  He had an equally good sleepover with friends at Jenny’s.

This year 25th November was a family day but on 26th November, Huw’s lovely friend Ella (with help from her Mum, Kate) organised balloons to be let off at Sands  – with messages everyone had written on tags she had specially printed.  Ella sold 170 tags and ended up with a surplus of £195 for the Huw charity after the costs had been paid 🙂 This has been paid on to the Justgiving page.

And someone left this lovely ‘dog’ plant at Sands too 🙂

Thank you everyone for taking the time to come to Sands and paying your money for the balloons – and especially to Ella and Kate.  Seeing everyone that Huw had lovely times with, is the best; sometimes it’s family and cousins, and today it was friends.  It felt like we were taking Huw with us this morning  ♥ ♥
It’s been a pleasure over the last few months seeing the teenagers Huw loved and who loved him ♥ and getting to know some of them a bit for the first time.  It will be lovely to see them around and about – and next year at things like the Picturedrome mark 2 gig (30th June) and the 5 a side competition (date to be confirmed) 🙂
I could ‘see’ Huw this morning with all his friends – he was standing tall and handsome (smiling and joking like normal), laughing with the lads and flirting with the girls.  I always ‘see’ him when I see his friends xxxx

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