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November 29, 2011

Three excellent Saturday evenings in November when many of the parents remembered Huw in a positive way

by huw15

There were 3 very well supported events in November.  The Hepworth under 15s annual ball was enjoyed by 90 people and raising £2,500 for the Trust; 60 people attended the wine tasting event at the Tennis Club which raised £1,300; and the Holme Valley Business Association Ball on 12th November was enjoyed by 90 people – the total raised will be finalised soon.

The wine tasting event was a different type of event to what we’ve had before and went really well. Thank you so much to hosts Clive Jones and Paul Franklin not only for their time and effort but for their incredibly generous gifts.  Thanks also to Shona Atkinson and Oliver Constance for the organising and to various ticket sellers and those who generously bid for the auction lots.  The Total Food Service provided the food, Tesco provided the IT and video kit and Majestic Wines the wine glasses – all free of charge so thank you all so much.  The waiters and waitresses were all school friends of Huw and gave their time free – it was lovely seeing them and good of them to do it for nothing.  And it was great to see friends from various areas such as Upperthong, Honley, New Mill, Wooldale and so on at the event – all very concious of remembering Huw and why we were raising money – but also having a really good night.

Huw had so many happy times at the Tennis Club – attending children’s sessions from the age of 3 to 10 and then having individual lessons from the age of 12 to 15 when he developed into a good young player.  He loved his tennis lessons with Nick Fitzpatrick and here are some lovely memories from those lessons from Nick with whom he developed a special rapport.  So we are grateful to the Tennis Club for being  a lovely place for Huw to enjoy himself and for putting on this event.

The Business Association Ballwas at the fantastic North Light Gallery and many thanks to Liz Wood from Gerts Florist and Paula Moss from the Holme Valley (furniture) Warehouse in Honley for linking this with Huw’s Trust. There was an auction and raffle during the evening.  The auction included a week’s holiday at a lovely holiday home in Nerja, Spain.  The proceeds will go to Huw’s trust and thank you to Steve and Donna Hobson for this generous donation which raised £320.

Huw had some good friends in Honley, he went to Nursery and drama classes there, played a school concert at Honley Church, and played in numerous cricket and football matches at Honley too.  It’s a neighbouring village that was very familiar to Huw.  He had lots of friends in Honley and also made good use of the Holme Valley businesses (especially the food establishments) so their support was very appropriate and kind.

The Hepworth Football Ball was sold out months in advance and was the result of huge efforts by Gaynor and Simon Hough and the professional hostess services of Mandy Barwick.  It included a keepie uppie competition from 2 former pro footballers and a fantastic auction – for example the signed Yorkshire Cricket bat was auctioned for £170 and the bottle of whisky signed by David Cameron went for £80!  I know everyone had a great time and thank you to everyone who went and took part in the games, auctions and so on.

Some of the funds raised have been banked and others will be banked and added to the total in the next week or so.  Here are some pictures from the Hepworth Ball and the Tennis Club picture.

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And there’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page; ask to be a member of the Group here if you want to.

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