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January 23, 2012

Huw’s friends do presentations about the Huw Thatcher Trust at school

by huw15

Following the successful non uniform day at Holmfirth High School in November Huw’s friends have been doing presentations at year 7, 8 and 9 assemblies.  And here’s one of my favourite photos – 14 year old Huw and his lovely friends having an amazing time in April 2010.

When the school holds non uniform days, they usually arrange for a presentation from the charity that is being supported.  Huw’s Trust was the charity for the non uniform day in November and Ellie, Louie, Tom and Ella are doing the presentations 23rd to 25th January.  Doing something like that with the emotional challenges infront of hundreds of people is a fantastic effort by these 4.

Huw was so fond of these 4 and I knew them all as good friends of Huw’s way before March last year.  They are doing something special, for a special friend.  Huw would admire what these 4 and all his friends have been doing to remember him and raise funds for a great cause since March last year.

Well done and thank you and here is a link to the presentation that they designed themselves if you are interested – The Huw Thatcher Trust PP97

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