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Huw Thatcher: a Bluebird flying in the sky, a Bluebird in our hearts: Wembley, 26th February 2012

Nick and Carys had a day to remember at Wembley on Sunday 26th February with Rod and Greg Young as Cardiff City put in one of the great ‘under-dog’ performances in a Wembley cup final – taking Liverpool to penalties in the League Cup final.

There were treasured days to remember with Huw at Wembley in the past and at scores of other city matches.

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Memories: I never failed to think when you were around, you were class in every way

Here are some lovely memories and comments from Huw’s friends and their families.  And this is an image of a picture that Charlotte Travis drew last year.  Thank you for letting us put these lovely words from such good friends on Huw’s web site.  Read more »