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February 4, 2012

Memories: I never failed to think when you were around, you were class in every way

by huw15

Here are some lovely memories and comments from Huw’s friends and their families.  And this is an image of a picture that Charlotte Travis drew last year.  Thank you for letting us put these lovely words from such good friends on Huw’s web site. 

James Travis

Everybody loved you, and they will keep doing. My greatest memories all involved you, even though most of them were not on the pitch.I remember when we used to wrestle on your trampoline, until you got me in an unbearable lock, and I had to tap out.

On the pitch, you were the best footballer I have ever played with. Skill, strength, speed, all we need now is the stamina part. You will be missed by everyone, I will never forget you, always remembered, Trav x x

Jane Travis

What can I say Huw. We all loved you so, so very much. My greatest memories of you weren’t on the football pitch, but running around the garden, eating enourmous breakfasts and jumpkng on my sofa! Huw I wish that was the case now.

What I will miss most about you though Huw, was that gorgeous smile and wave as I passed you on my way to work.  All my love, now and forever, Jane x x x

Richard Travis

Taken from us far too soon. Gone but never to be forgotten. Goodbye my friend. God bless you. Richard

Sam Travis

You will forever be in my heart and shall never be forgotten. You left me with many great memories but you still left me all alone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mini Trav

Sam Bellas

Huw. The greatest friend anyone could ask for. Funny, kind, talented, an all round hero. your cheeky smile will live on forever. Always will remain in my heart. Sam Bellas.

Calum Mclaughlin

To Huw. Great footballer who was never scared of anyone and you flew into game saving tackles. Remember when you won all my trophies for me. BLUEBIRDS! Cal.

Joe Stephenson

Dear Huw. Didn’t know you for that long but you were a class mate. Really treasured every moment I had with you and only wish I spent more with you now. I never failed to think when you were around, you were class in every way. Yours. Joe.

George ‘Big’ Richardson

Huw. You really were a top man, no one can ever replace you. You’re a legend. Top player, top man, you will never be forgot, legend. Love you big man x x from George ‘Big’

The Hawleys
Dear Huw. You were a shining bright star. So, so beautiful. We will have such lovely memories of you. Ryan just cannot imagein his life without you. Your laughter, humour, talent and beauty will never ever be forgotten. The light for you will never go out. Rest in peace Huw. All our love, now and forever. Richard, Tracey, Ryan, Jenson x x
Ryan Hawley 
 Huw. You will always be my best mate. You’ll never be forgotten by anyone. You were a great player and such a good friend to everyone. Love you Huw. From Big Ry.


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