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An incredible experience at the sports night on Saturday 24th March – lost for words…..almost!

All of us who were at the Cedar Court on Saturday 24th March took place in something special.  We had a highly entertaining night and remembered Huw in a positive way – and we raised something between £8,000 and £10,000 for Huw’s Trust with a substantial donation to go to ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’.

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Not moving on, but carrying on – and taking Huw along with us

Thank you to everyone who was so kind in March – well over the last year or so actually.  We know that a lot of people got some comfort from giving or receiving flowers, playing football or seeing the lovely messages over the last week.  We also know a number of people were very upset at certain times around 13th March.

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Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy? ♥ ♥ ♥

Where are you?

Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy?

You shouldn’t be resting in peace,

Too much to do, and far too young,

What is the reason for this?


If you are here Huw around us now,

I hope at least you’re safe,

Maybe there’s a heaven, angels, a God,

They will care for your soul.


Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy?

I’ll trust them with you for now,

But one day in time, I’ll do what I did,

And look after our boy again.

December 2011


A year later the memories are as clear as they have ever been; the love is just as strong ♥ ♥ ♥

As 13th March approaches, here are some reflections, and an update on the Huw Thatcher Trust. (Pictured Huw with friends in April 2010.)

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