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March 4, 2012

A year later the memories are as clear as they have ever been; the love is just as strong ♥ ♥ ♥

by huw15

As 13th March approaches, here are some reflections, and an update on the Huw Thatcher Trust. (Pictured Huw with friends in April 2010.)

12 months ago, Huw was going along to winter cricket nets, playing football, and enjoying time with his family and friends.  He was pleased to be doing well at school as well as having virtually non-stop banter and laughs with his friends at school – and often out of school at parties or other things.  He was looking forward to his work experience and the Easter Holidays.  He was enjoying attracting the attention of local girls (and admiring them back just as much).  This week a year ago, Huw was planning the Upperthong Cricket Club bowling attack with his friends, watching Ipswich put a dent in Cardiff City’s promotion hopes, watching Barcelona beat Arsenal in the Champions League Quarter Final, loving the school Samba football, having a laugh in lessons like PE, maths and history, loving playing bench ball in the PE lessons – and entertaining everyone else in the process.  Huw was in great physical shape and looking lovely – and slightly older with a new shorter style hair cut – but his beautiful and cheeky smile (along with his dimples) were still the same as ever.  Huw was enjoying lovely relationships with his Mum, Dad and Sister and seemed to have everything going for him.

A year ago the daffodils were starting to bloom in the Holme Valley and that is the same this year.  Even in Holmfirth we have had some lovely early spring weather again this year, and despite the wintry scene pictured today at Sands, the bulbs and plants at Huw’s lovely bench are showing early spring growth.  The flowers and plants will always bloom for Huw in March – at some special places in the Holme Valley and beyond.

The Huw Thatcher Trust has been a positive way for people to express their appreciation for Huw and to support a most relevant charity.  The Trust has continued to be active in the first few months of this year.  A fantastic band made up of Huw’s friends played in front of an appreciative audience of 120 people at the Upperthong Village Hall in January, and a 1970s disco was held at the same village hall early in March – to remember Huw and raise funds for the Trust.  Many thanks to the band plus the Travis and Harris families, for organising these 2 events.  There have been other kind donations and (with thanks to Carol Lewis) Upperthong Under 8s football raised money by selling tea, coffee, snacks and wrist bands at their recent match at Sands.  Lots of people have continued to be generous with their time over the last 3 months making plans for later this year.  It is fitting that a major event (the sports dinner featuring Jan Molby) is taking place in March this year – on Saturday 24th at the Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield.

The first quarter of 2012 also saw Huw’s beloved Bluebirds play at Wembley and despite losing on penalties, put on one of the all-time great underdog performances against Liverpool in the League Cup final at the end of February.  Nick and Carys experienced this momentous and moving day at Wembley – a ground where Huw had thoroughly enjoyed watching Cardiff City play on 3 occasions in recent years.

Huw’s Hepworth United team mates have continued to enjoy success since Christmas in a manner fitting of Huw’s major contribution to the team over the years.  They won their the Cup Quarter final tie in early March but have chosen not play a competitive match on Sunday 11th March – taking a decision that illustrates their togetherness and respect for Huw – continuing to conduct themselves in the most appropriate way possible as they have done throughout the last 12 months.

It seems impossible that we haven’t seen Huw for a year.  Huw is missed more than ever, and that will never change.  Sometimes – thinking about everything that has been said and done in those 12 months it does seem like a year – at other times it seems like the blink of an eye, and that he must still be here.  Maybe he is still here in some way?

Many people will be thinking of Huw particularly in March 2012 – their support, love and care for Huw and his memory – are as always hugely appreciated.

A year on, the memories of Huw are as clear as they have ever been; the love is just as strong as it was 12 months ago.  He will never be forgotten in any way by those who knew and loved him.  They still love him.

(Pictured – Huw messing about at the fare in Summer 2010.)

Here is a lovely song – ‘Heaven’ – by Cardiff band – Tigertailz – ignore the ads and the download button – just turn up the volume and listen to the MP3 – it’s lovely music ♥

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