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April 29, 2012

An update on what’s been happening recently – to remember the boy who deserved so much more

by huw15

Here is an update on things that have happened regarding the Trust recently, and some reflections about Huw and the times a year ago.

Over the last few months the feeling of time moving by has been evident when we have been thinking back to what was happening a year ago……….we are thinking back to a time when Huw wasn’t here.  How can it be more than a year since we have seen his beautiful smile, watched his big frame wandering up the street with his friends, heard his banter and humour, and watched him enjoying himself – in both boyish and manly ways rolled into one.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our feelings for Huw – dedication to him and his memory – and unconditional love. 

During the last couple of months, the funds raised by the Trust have continued to rise – the total now stands at just over £53,000.  In April, Nick was asked to take part in a seminar put on by Daniel Yorath House.  The seminar was about the Clinical approach to brain injury rehabilitation taken by BIRT (the charity that we support).  It was good to hear more about the medical and rehabilitation issues facing brain injured people and that type of connection with the charity we are supporting makes everything we are doing seem even more important.  I was delighted to be able to tell everyone in the presentation I did at the seminar, how Huw’s friends and family are remembering him – how they are contributing to the memory of Huw and challenging themselves in various ways to raise so much money for brain injured people.  Everyone there was so impressed with what you have all been doing, and as well as another positive way to remember Huw, the seminar also put Holmfirth on the map with the people who were there!

Huw’s flower tubs have looked lovely this spring, the pictures here are of what they were like during our warm March.  The spring flowers have taken a bit of a battering recently but we will soon have lovely summer flowers there.  The Holme Valley Parish Council have been very supportive of us through the Chairman (Tom Dixon) and they will be funding the summer flowers and external treatment for Huw’s bench and tubs.  With many thanks to HVPC and Tom who also held his annual dinner in April which raised funds for Huw’s Trust.  Tom has got involved with lots of things to do with the Trust – it has been a pleasure meeting him and his family over the last 12 months or so.

As well as dinners and flowers, there has been some physical action in April!  Jonny Thatcher (Huw’s cousin) and his pal Jo Fish completed the Reading half marathon on 1st April, followed by completion of the London Marathon by Steve Harris on 22nd April.  The 22nd April saw another (slightly less well known) event – the Holme Valley (sprint) Triathlon.  Dave Briggs completed this event to make it 4 people who had completed endurance events in April in support of the Trust.  Nick also did the triathlon although not for charity this time and found that the title of ‘sprint’ triathlon was a bit misleading!  I did it because I thought I would enjoy it and get fit early in the year – I achieved those objectives in part but am delighted to have completed it – and plan to do the October one as well.  It was great to see so many friends on the day and best of all to see Dave Briggs doing it for the Trust and putting in a great show as a ‘first timer’ to this kind of event. 

The Trust was also given 4 tickets for a McFly gig in Manchester which were taken up by Nathan Redfearn and his family from Holmfirth – they gave a donation to the Trust in return and had a fantastic night.  They met the band before the gig and it was wonderful to hear that each member of the band knew all about Huw, the Trust and were expecting Nathan and his family to turn up – so that was a great success and it was great to meet Nathan and his Dad recently and hear about it all.

Nick’s colleageus at work have continued to donate takings from cake and book sales at work to Huw’s Trust which is much appreciated and equally appreciated is the local brownies group who are doing a cycling event in May to raise money for the trust – with thanks to Teresa and also to Hannah who helps with brownies and was a friend of Huw’s. 

Football is always an emotional area – bearing in mind how much Huw loved it – in particular Hepworth United, his school team and Cardiff City.  Huw’s school team won the District Cup in April having played the final at Huddersfield Town’s ground.  They put in a wonderful display and we were touched that they never forgot Huw.  One of the scorers revealing a ‘Thatch 2’ shirt under his proper shirt – that was quite a moment as Huw’s friends remembered their talented centre back and captain – who should have been leading them out at The Galpharm Stadium that day.  Also, Huw’s Hepworth team mates will be playing in the Huddersfield Junior Football League Cup Final on 13th May – a final that Huw appeared in with Hepworth (and won) twice a few years ago.  So that will be an occassion to enjoy the football, celebrate the team’s resilience and achievements and also remember the team’s ‘number 2’ who’s movement, voice, humour and presence still seem so fresh and tangible in all our memories. Continuing on the football front, Carys and Nick were delighted that Cardiff City were successful in reaching the play offs for the third year running – Huw and Nick went to Wembley 2 years ago to see Cardiff in the play off final against Blackpool, but sadly Huw has not been with us for either of the last 2 years play off achievements in April and May.

At this point I will sign off on this update.  I will sign off barely believing that I have just written down that Huw has not been with us for the last TWO Aprils and Mays – that brings it home what Huw is missing.  A boy who deserved much more and could have achieved so much.  But we are where we are, and with that we want once again to say how much we are touched by the support for Huw and the Huw Thatcher Trust that so many hundreds of people have given since April 2011.  There are plenty of activities and things planned for the summer this year that will be great fun to take part in as part of the community.   Check the latest plans here and please contact us here or on Facebook or if you want any more information.  Thank you very much to everyone. 

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