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May 15, 2012

Wrist bands are still available – so we can always have part of Huw with us ♥

by huw15

We have got hold of some more wrist bands because the first lot sold out.  So there are plenty left.  We’ll sell more bands at the events this year so they’ll all get sold.  But we just wanted to let people know there are some left.

As one of Huw’s best friends said ‘so we always have part of you with us ♥’

The bands cost  £1  and you can get them from Nick, from Carys at school, the Furniture Warehouse in Honley, and ‘The Zone’ in Huddersfield.  Feel free to get in touch with Nick or Carys if you want to by Facebook or Contact Us on this site.


Thank you to Heather Smith who’s idea it was originally and to everyone who buys one.  It’s something that’s come from Huw’s friends – from ‘his world’ – and that means a lot.  I’ll wear one with pride and love for the rest of my life  ♥ ♥ ♥

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