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May 28, 2012

An update from May 2012 – a time when Huw’s friends are moving on to another stage of their lives

by huw15

Here is an update about what has been happening regarding the Trust during May – the month when Huw’s friends had their last normal day at school and when his Hepworth team mates had their last end of season evening as a junior team.

Somehow there are certain times that have been so important and it really felt like that on Friday 25th May;  that was the day that Huw’s year 11 friends had their last day at school as they left normal school activities in order to finish their exams.  They will be doing their last exams in June, before having their Prom night on 5th July.  These times are milestones in your life and they are milestones that Huw would have revelled in –  he was growing up so quickly and was ready to get going with exams and think about college.

It was that same ‘end of an era’ feeling at the Hepworth end of season evening at the end of May – the group of boys who had been together for 10 years now move on to a different set up next year – training with the open age group and just one team going through to the 17 year old’s section.  Again, it is clear Huw would have moved on to another exciting part of his football life at Hepworth or another club or open age football or whatever it happened to be.

Huw’s friends and team mates have missed Huw the last few weeks and they deserve lots of good luck in their last set of exams that are coming up.

It was fun last weekend to see Huddersfield Town get promotion to the Championship after an absence of around 13 years.  Town haven’t been in the same league as Cardiff for around 11 years – when Huw was 6 – and they are one of those teams Huw never saw play against the Bluebirds.  The Town vs Cardiff fixture next season is one that a lot of Huw’s friends will be looking forward to, and the banter has already started!

As far as the Huw Thatcher Trust is concerned, May was another nice month.  We sorted out the final total and payments from March’s Sports Night and the night raised very nearly £10,000.  We are pleased that a good donation was made from that for 2 cancer charities and the remainder has been banked with the Huw Thatcher Trust that now stands at over £56,000.

That total includes nearly £900 which was donated from the Holme Valley Parish Council, courtesy of the outgoing Chairman – Tom Dixon.  It is also a total that will be further swelled after the local Brownies have done their sponsored bike ride later this week at Sands.  That’s lovely that this group of young girls want to do something positive for Huw’s trust – with thanks to Teresa and to some of Huw’s friends like Hannah who help out with running the Brownies group.

With regard to the month of June, we are all looking forward to the Hepworth Dryad running race – Carys and Nick have been out training and it is lovely that some of Carys’ and Huw’s friends and / or their families are going to be taking part too.

The cycling group have also been out training for the Coast to Coast (Mark 2) event in August and Huw’s friends are busy getting ready for the 5 a side event that is planned for 7th July.  We are all looking forward to that – it was such an amazing event last year.  More details will follow but in the meantime please contact Calum Mclaughlin, George Oakley or Louie Barby as soon as you can if you want to enter a team.

Thank you for helping to remember Huw in a positive way as we watch Huw’s friends take further important steps in their lives – further steps without their friend – a friend that meant so much to so many of them ♥ ♥

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