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June 28, 2012

An update from June: a month that has seen so much happening and lots of preparation for a busy July

by huw15

There’s a heck of a lot going on regarding the Trust at the moment – planning for events in July and a lot has happened during June – positive things involving family and the community – as well as ongoing pride – and the inevitable regret over a year later.  Here is a picture of Huw as a young boy in the early days a Holmfirth High.   And here is a picture of him just 2 and a half years later as a handsome young man.

During June we saw the Hepworth Dryad running event that was a lot of fun and saw huge dedication from Paula Moss and others to organise.  The funds raised were also fantastic and will soon be added to the total raised by the Trust which now stands at over £58,000.

The latest update from earlier in the year about how the money is being allocated by Disabilities Trust is here – and we will provide a further update later in the summer now everyone has raised so much more.  The total includes donations in June of nearly £1,000 from Rob Wilks’ 40th birthday where he took donations instead of presents – and included £500 from Easilift Loading Systems Limited.  This was one of those donations that was a complete surprise and was another reminder (if we needed one) of how much people sacrifice and give to help brain injured people and to remember the young man Huw, who is at the heart of so much good that is being done.

Further funds will be added in July from Yorkshire Building Society in Holmfirth who’s customer voted to support Huw’s Trust as their main charity this year – and the events planned in July will also swell the funds raised by the Trust.

Thank you to Rob Fay at Easilift, the Yorkshire Building Society staff and customers in Holmfirth and Rob Wilks.  As to the future events then it seems like everyone is busy – training and preparing for the Upperthong Cricket Club cycling event, recovering from running, getting ready for the gig on 1st July, preparing for the open day at Thongsbridge Tennis Club and getting teams sorted for the 5 a side football tournament.  So it’s going to be a busy month in July!  It has been heart warming and fulfilling to be involved in each of these events and the planning of them – making new friends, having some fun and realising what an impact Huw is having in a positive way with those who knew and loved him – and also with some who didn’t meet him but have heard so much about him.  It has been especially nice planning things with Huw’s friends who continue to be great company, funny, and committed to Huw.

I also want to say that many of the school pupils (especially those in year 9) will be thinking of Isaac A these days – and I want to add my thoughts and respect to Isaac, his family, and his friends.

On another note, it was a lovely night on Wednesday 27th to go to the Holmfirth High School evening of excellence and see Carys get an award – and inspirational to see the year 10s do a fantastic performance of Blood Brothers, hear young musicians doing so well and to see a group of Huw’s friends conduct themselves so well on stage at the end of the night – Joe, Caroline, Sean, Nick, Hayley, Charlotte – all were friendly with Huw and were a credit to the school.  The evening there also reminded us of times seeing Huw attending sports meetings and playing in bands at that beautiful Town Hall building in years gone by.  And to see other young people doing so well made it an emotive evening but one I wouldn’t want to have missed.

The year 11s will have their end of school ‘Prom’ on 5th July and they will have a well deserved night out.  They will all look fab and look back on 5 years at Holmfirth High that have flown by.  Many of them will think of Huw – we will be thinking of how striking Huw would have been over a year older – grinning and laughing with his friends dressed up in a suit – looking amazing himself and admiring the girls all dressed up – and attracting plenty of attention from them no doubt.

With that image of a handsome young guy’s smile and charm, I will close this update by thanking everyone for continuing to help remember Huw in a positive way – for contributing to his Trust emotionally, practically and financially – and for achieving so much success in the process whether it be with music, running, cycling, football or whatever it may be ♥ ♥

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