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July 1, 2012

A unique night for a unique young guy at the Picturedrome on 30th June 2012

by huw15

So many good things to say about the 2nd gig featuring Age of Paranoia – and this year for the first time HTT – a band of 16 year olds and younger of Huw’s friends who shared the plaudits a the Picturedrome on Saturday 30th June 2012.  Lots of smiles and laughs, great music, lots of commitment and effort from lots of people.  A true community event featuring people from the age of 7 to over 70.  That made it a unique night, totally fitting to remember a unique young guy called Huw Thatcher who we all thought about last night ♥ ♥ ♥.

My reflections about this gig were that it was unique.  The mixture of fun and respect, the comerarderie and the bouisterous enjoyment, the sober and the drunk, the young and the old, the new performers and the the old stagers.  This gig seemed to bring everyone together – in a way that few places can – we should feel lucky that Holmfirth is one of those places.

A big thank you and so much respect to AoP and HTT – who worked together in a way that was humbling to see.  Particular thanks to last night to organisers Dave Brennan, Jane Travis and Al Heeley.  Also big shouts to everyone who sold tickets, and the parents of HTT band members.  Most of all of course thank you to everyone who stuck their hands in their pockets to buy tickets.  And you stuck your hands in your pockets to enjoy a unique night as well as helping to raise thousands of pounds for the Huw Thatcher Trust which raises money to help brain injured people.  The money will be banked and added to the total over the next week or so.  Some funds too for the football club and cricket club who have supported Huw over the years as well as given so much to the community.  And there was even time to sing happy birthday to Kate 🙂

It was a total pleasure to see Huw’s loyal and loving friends once again – I never imagined the love, affection and respect they would show for him.  This has been reflected by other people who hadn’t known Huw but who embraced why we were at the Picturedrome – to have a great night, to remember Huw, and to raise funds.  Thank you to everyone.

You all did great things at the Picturedrome – performers, audience and organisers alike.  And as someone said ‘there is there is a star tonight that is shining brighter than the rest x x x’

Thank you – with love and respect to everyone who was at the gig ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you like the pictures here:

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There’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.

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