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September 4, 2012

So many memories this August and September – and other nice things to tell you about

by huw15

This time of year is important for lots of people as they start new years at school, college or uni – or get back to work after their summer hols.  It is a time of year when there can be lots of changes and is therefore a time where there are lots of lovely memories of Huw as well as the sadness that he is not experiencing those new and exciting things that he should be.  To start with here are two lovely photos from Huw as a 15 year old at school that 2 of his friends put on Facebook for us a year ago.

As I look at these pictures I recall with ease the handsome grown up guy who wouldn’t look out of place standing next to his friends right now – tall, handsome and grown up looking.  And I am reminded of hearing a recording of Huw’s 15 year old voice for the first time the other day.  It was moving to hear his lovely accent and voice again – but I’m so glad I heard it.  And he said lovely things and funny things.  Such a deep voice and sounded like a proper man.  He was such proper guy in so many ways ♥♥♥.

The amount raised by the Huw Thatcher Trust is now nearly £66,000 compared to the £64,000 from my last update.  And I have been speaking to BIRT recently about what the money that has been added over the summer will be spent on and here is an update on that.

There will be things continuing to happen for the Trust and to remember Huw – people have asked if some of the things we did this year can be repeated next year – so some of those will take place again and I’ll put details on here over the next few months.  There are individual people doing things too like a half marathon and other things coming up which I’ll post about as and when.

It has been lovely to spend time with Huw’s cousins, and wider family members over the summer – and remembering how much Huw used to love the time with them in years gone by.  Our trip to Centreparcs at Longleat with cousins and other family was a highlight of the summer.

It has also made me smile every time I’ve seen Huw’s friends over the summer – whether it’s been at Sands, out cycling, around and about Holmfirth, or whatever.  They always have time to speak and it’s nice – because both they and me are thinking about Huw when we speak – because I suppose that’s one of the main reasons we are speaking in the first place!  It’s a pleasure spending time with Huw’s cousins and friends – he would be so proud of them.

The summer has also seen the start of the football season and I’m looking forward to seeing Huw’s team mates playing over the next few weeks as they make the transition to open age or youth teams – depending on what each one is doing this year.

It has also been moving to recall so many happy Cardiff City times with Huw – we’d always get a few matches in over the school holidays and follow early season developments closely at this time of year.  This year has seen Craig Bellamy re-sign for Cardiff and the time he joined the first time 2 years ago was a time of great excitement for Huw, Carys and me.

Saturday 1st September also saw Cardiff’s Peter Whittingham score a hat trick – the last time a Cardiff City player scored a hat trick was again Peter Whittingham – it was an away match at Sheffield on 24th October 2010 – and Huw, Carys and I were there.  Here is a picture of the players celebrating Whitts’ 3rd goal right in front of us 3 nearly 2 years ago.  Whitts was one of Huw’s favourite players and one of the few of his favourites still at the club.  I am so pleased this player is still at Cardiff and I treasure the framed Cardiff City shirt I have signed by Whitts which is hanging up in my living room with ‘Thatch’ and ‘2’ on the back ♥♥♥

The last few weeks have also seen the removal of the trampoline from my garden – which would normally have been an every day development as the ‘childrens’ activities change.  Removing the trampline the other day however brought lots of memories of the fun and crazy escapades that Huw and his friends got up to on the trampoline.  It involved Carys sometimes too, but Huw loved the trampoline with friends often around messing about on it with him.

I have been watching bits and pieces of the paralympics over the last week or so and have been struck how the competitors just get on with their lives how they are.  The paralympics have been more important for me this time as I think about the charity that Huw’s Trust raises funds for – and also because the competitors don’t seem to dwell on what life might have been like – but focus on getting what they can out of their lives the way they are.  These are good comparisons with what the Huw Thatcher Trust is about – focusing on what we can do something about – usually doing something active – always doing something positive – and focusing on the important things about life.

I want to say good luck to all Huw’s friends who have recently started at college or on apprenticeships or whatever.  I hope they have fun and are successful in the next stages of their lives – they deserve it.

Finally, thank you to everyone for supporting the Trust and remembering our lovely boy in so many nice ways – this means that Huw’s trust continues to do good and positive things to remember such a good and positive young guy ♥♥♥ xxx

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