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February 10, 2013

More good things this month just like so many over the last 2 years to respect an old friend, son and brother ♥♥♥

by huw15

Last neilly race 2Some timely reflections over the last few weeks, more positive things by some great people and some further fund raising.  But I thought it would be nice to start with this photo of 11 year old Huw in 2007 running in his final ‘Neilly’ race – something he enjoyed with all his friends for 3 consecutive years.  One of Huw’s friends came across this picture earlier in the month – thank you.

Thank you also to Chris Churm who has kindly arranged the donation of garden materials from his employer Marshalls to BIRT’s Osman House in Leeds – something they are very grateful for and the second generous intervention to Huw’s charity from Chris.

Another regular supporter of the Trust is the Briggs family and we were very sad to hear that Ron Briggs (the grandparent of Huw’s good friend Sam) passed away recently.  Ron had met Huw on a few occassions after school when the lads were younger and at football when they were older.  Edna Briggs is Ron’s wife and she and the family decided that donations at Ron’s funeral would go to the Huw Thatcher Trust as a charity they’d like to support.  We are very touched and a sum of over £450 has now been paid into the Huw Thatcher Trust.  The funds will be spent on sports equipment at a school for autistic children which the Disabilities Trust runs.  This is in keeping with Ron’s interest in sport and in particular sport for young people.  It is a positive way for the money to be used, and will give a lot of fun and enjoyment to those children.  So something positive is such a good way to remember Ron.  We’re grateful to have the Briggs family as friends and they have been good friends to us – and particularly to Huw – over the years.  We would like to pass on our thanks to everyone who made a donation in Ron’s memory and particularly to the Briggs family.

Sam was one of the participants in a walk from Huw’s bench at Digley to Huddersfield Town’s stadium where the visitors were Cardiff City.  It was an amusing and positive day – started with a leisurely walk through Holmbridge and a fantastic bacon sandwich – unlike some food products we can be sure it really was what they said it was!  That was the easy bit as the walk up through the countryside in very difficult conditions (and in most cases unsuitable footwear) was a tester as well as amusing.  At the ground the steward was a bit bemused with our muddied condition and then having to check my rucksack with walking gear and a bunch of home made flap jacks in it – he just gave it straight back and said ‘ok mate’.  An excellent match ended in a 0-0 draw – a good atmosphere and a fair result.  I loved the company of Tom Dixon, Rod Young, Carys, and Huw’s friends Sean, Matthew, Joe, Max, Calum, Will and Sam.  Thanks for coming everyone and I hope the shoes got cleaned up OK!  A great effort to do that with an early start on a Satuday morning – just like so many times and so many good things over the last 2 years or so to respect an old friend, son and brother ♥♥♥

Huw and Ryan 2Finally, a poingant night recently at Carys’ last parents’ evening at school.  She is working hard and putting in a great effort, despite the sadness of the last few years – and it was nice to hear that from the teachers.  So it was a postive evening but also one of some sadness and reflection – recalling the first time we had been to the school for an opening evening before Huw started at Holmfirth in 2007.  I’m not sure where the last 6 years have gone but what is for sure is that Huw should have been with us for all of those years, not just 4 of them.  He should have had his last year and a bit at Holmfirth and done his GCSEs just like Carys is now doing.  But he would be very proud of his sister and I was left thinking exactly these things as I stood in the school refectory last week – looking around at an area where I know Huw enjoyed his lunch times – where he shared plenty of banter with the girls and lads – where he always enjoyed a substantial lunch…………….and where he thought about his hopes and dreams for future years xxx

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