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March 30, 2013

Three years ago at Easter Huw was having a happy time with his friends & family – now we respect & rememeber him & will never stop doing that

by huw15

Coming back from Spain 2Three years ago at Easter, Huw was having a happy time with his friends and family – and looking forward to a break with Jenny and Carys in Spain and then a great time with his friends around and about Holmfirth – in what was a warm April.

Two years ago at Easter we were in a state of shock and disbelief about what had just happened – Huw’s friends and family helping each other to comprehend what had happened.  It was at Easter two years ago that I started writing the book about Huw – a book of amusing anecdotes and poignant reflections about Huw.  There is so much to say about Huw that it was easy to write.  I wondered whether it was a good idea at the time, but I’m glad that I made it available for people to buy a copy when I finished it at Easter one year ago.  I have had some nice comments from people who have read it, and if any of Huw’s friends or their families would like a copy, please let me know.

The Huw Thatcher Trust started at Easter 2 years ago and there is still plenty going on to respect and remember Huw – and raise funds for those who’s lives have been turned upside down through brain injuries.  Together we have now raised over £74,000.  Recent additions to that have been from Marshall’s PLC – a landscape gardening company.  They have donated 115 square meters of nice, contemporary paving flags for the garden at Osman House – a facility in Leeds for brain injury rehabilitation.  This is mainly to replace the existing paving which was quite dated and tatty. Marshall’s also donated a York stone monolith, which will help serve as a water feature and focal point.  This donation runs into the thousands of pounds and is incredibly generous – for this we have to thank a local friend Chris Churm (who has already personally made a major donation to the Trust) and Peter Hallitt (the Trading MD) who also lives near Holmfirth.

And Holmfirth High held a non uniform day on 18th March – just like they did last year.  We are delighted that this resulted in a further £500 for the Trust and we are particularly pleased about this as Huw had happy years at Holmfirth High and they have been so supportive over the last 2 years – not only to us – but to Huw’s friends at the school.

We have also confirmed in the last month or so that the Picturedrome gig is back in July – for one last time – and we have started selling tickets for this now.  The funds raised by the Huw Thatcher Trust that day will go to Richard Ford – a local stroke victim who had until last Summer coached one of the younger age groups at Hepworth Junior Football Club.  Thank you to Dave Brennan, Peter Carr at the Picturedrome and both the bands – Age of Paranoia and Hiding From Olive.  And I have just heard that Pat Habron has donated £100 for ticket number 001 and for the priviledge of a one-number sing along with the band on the night – not sure what he’ll take the mic to yet – but I’m told it might be a Jam number 🙂  Jean Habron sells loads of tickets every time we do this gig and hubby Pat is more than doing his bit too.  Thank you so much to Jean and Pat.

Last month was Ben Sykes organising the benchball and 5 of us running the Blackpool Half Marathon.  This month it’s a massive thank you to Holmfirth High (and everyone who donated to the non uniform day collection), Marshalls, Peter Hallitt, Chris Churm, and the Habrons who have given time and funds – both of which are so welcome.  The sadness and heartache is very tough for everyone who knew and loved Huw.  It is of course hardest of all on Huw.  But all of us are heartened by the continuing acts of determination, respect and generosity shown by so many people – and Huw would admire that as much as anyone.

Two years may have passed and this might be the last year of the gig……..but I know there’s a lot more to come from the Huw Thather Trust ♥♥♥

To finish this update……I came across this list the other day – a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ concerned with bereaved parents.  I think it makes us sound a bit needy to be honest so I couldn’t relate to it that much – but there are a few things on it that struck a chord with me.

Don’t avoid us – it hurts if you cross the road when you see us coming, rather than be willing to face us.

I love it that nobody does this around here and certainly my experience is that everybody stops to chat and I haven’t been aware of anyone avoiding me – that means a lot.

Do talk about our children – we love to hear your memories of them.

Don’t ignore the loss, or avoid asking about our son.  Most bereaved parents long to talk and talk about the young person who has died.

I can particularly relate to these last two.  It is important to me to hear people talk about Huw and their fond memories of him – and to talk about him myself.  Thank you to everyone who is able to talk about Huw and to everyone who has been so kind about Huw over the last 17 years and especially the last 2 years.  He will always mean just as much to us as he did when he was here and enjoying himself at his last Easter time in 2010.  Here are some photos from Huw at Easter time in previous years.

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