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Hoping that Huw is somewhere where he knows about everything: fundraising events, GCSE results day & Cardiff City in the Premier League

20130825_182508 As Cardiff City were making their mark on the sporting world last Sunday, the Sky Sports commentators talked of the energy and spirit of the crowd – and how it was inspiring the performance of the players.  In the week that the Bluebirds were achieving things beyond anything Huw and I had imagined, Huw’s own energy and spirit was inspiring others  – with Carys excelling in her GCSE results and a group of friends completing a 3 day canoeing and running event between Manchester and Huddersfield. Read more »


Every moment spent this spring and summer has been worth it as the total moves past £84,000

Photo0167It’s been a few weeks since I last did an update here – May, June and July consisted of ticket selling for the gig, organising the Huw football tournament with Huw’s friends, trying to keep fit for things like the Huw cricket club bike ride, and the small matter of taking part in these things.  As I think back on the spring and early summer, after a few weeks’ holiday, I realise how much time was spent on things to do with the Huw Trust.  And as I have reflected, I have also realised it was worth every second.

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