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Spending update: ‘We can’t thank the Huw Thatcher Trust enough for making Eyes Alight’

2010_03140030I am so pleased that as of end September 2013 the Huw Thatcher Trust has raised an amazing £85,442. That’s the result of so many people’s efforts over the last 2 1/2 years, and is a wonderful (and growing) tribute to Huw.  I want to update everybody on how the funds are being used.  And at the end of this message, I’ll tell you about this lovely picture of Huw I recently found. Read more »


Is he really up there? Of course he is, where else could he be?

DSCF7288At the start of this update I recall a conversation I had recently with somebody I really respect.  In the conversation I made a comment about how much I hope Huw really is up there.  This guy just said ‘of course he’s up there, where else could he be?’ As if to say ‘well he’s got to be somewhere so it must be there’!  I still don’t know what to think or believe but it was a nice comment, full of conviction, and it made me smile.

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