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As the summer of sport gets under way, we are as lucky to have the memories of our beautiful boy as he is unlucky not to be having the summer of his life right now

Lovely close up from Aug 2011I write this article in the first half of the first world cup game on 12th June. Whenever there is something exciting or different going on, I find myself feeling particularly close to Huw and the sense of him not being here is particularly strong.  Having said that I couldn’t really feel any closer to him or miss him any more than I do on a boring Tuesday afternoon!  But as the summer of sport gets under way, in particular the world cup, every iconic moment that is created this summer, is another moment of regret that Huw isn’t here to experience it with us.  Here is a beautiful picture of Huw taken just after the last world cup in summer 2010 – the last summer that Huw was with us.

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