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July 25, 2015

Taking Huw with us as 22 people give it everything and raise £2,000 on epic 3 peaks adventure

by huw15

Snowdon 2I’m not going to mention any individual feats from our UK 3 peaks trip because there were 22 heroes from the time they got up at 3.00am on Saturday morning to the time they hit their beds nearly 48 hours ago and here are 3 climbers who were with Huw on 13th March 2011 – taking Huw with them to the roof of Wales.2 drivers drove 1000 miles in 38 hours, 4 climbers did the national 3 peaks in 24 hours, 15 climbers did 2 peaks and would have done all 3 if it weren’t for getting lost 3/4 of the way up one of them, in what can only be described as atrocious conditions, and 1 climber did 1 peak, and would have done all 3 if it weren’t for injury. Some put in amazing times on individual peaks, and one did Snowdon in under 2 hours. All were hurting and one carrying injuries, there were young and not so young, males, females, parents, sons, daughters. One is still recovering from serious illness and others did things they never dreamt they could achieve. A group of people – some knew Huw as best mates, others new him friends of their ‘children’, and others knew of him through family or friends. All 22 had a sense of adventure, were prepared to take risks and pushed themselves to the limit. Some did it because Huw was in their hearts, others did it because they knew about Huw and had a sense of spirit and adventure. Some were delighted with their achievements, and I know some had a sense of disappointment about getting within touching distance of the ultimate 3 peaks in 24 hours. But none should be disappointed. 18 climbers braved a storm at 4.00am at Sca Fel – already tired and sore – to go out into unbelievably bad conditions – there was no turning back, no one opted out bar 1 injury. We raised an estimated £2,000 and took part in something we will never forget. The most important thing is we all arrived back at Holmfirth safely.

Here is a poem written by Russ about the trip – Russ knew Huw since he was 5 as a Dad and football coach:


We all arrived early, keen walkers en-masse
To give the national three peaks a bit of a bash

A nervous apprehension filtered the air
It seemed a good idea two months ago to be fair

Nick & Josh had planned it to the nth degree
But it really wasn’t going to be a leisurely walk by the sea

The designated drivers were ready and raring to go
They didn’t realise the mini buses were doctored to go slow

The walkers were a great mix of the young and the old
Did anyone realise these mountains are so bloody cold

With everything crammed into our two mini vans
The walkers were waved off, from the car park at Sands

As we travelled North it was forecast heavy rain
This challenge was really starting to mess with your brain

With a number of stops to carb-up and have a little wee
At 4.30 pm we were all ready to be set free

Ben Nevis ‘the big one’ is really quite high
The first mountain hike we were going to try

The weather was, thankfully sunny and warm
Water, cereal bars and gels were the walkers norm

With rucksacks on our shoulders and waterproofs just in case
We were off on our adventures at varying pace

The ascent just kept going, would this never end
Another testing uphill round the very next bend

You’re nearly there, fellow walkers advised with a smile
But there was snow on the tops, hadn’t seen any of that for a while

It was pleasing to see we had all reached the top
Turn round and start descending we couldn’t now stop

A mirage atop Nevis Nick Thatch was still there
He said he would only join us for a few hundred yards to be fair

But his spirit is strong, even though the knee is quite weak
The motivation from Huw wouldn’t stop him reaching this peak

The downhill was tough but the views were surreal
I kinda like this adventure you were starting to feel

Sleep was sporadic as we travelled to Sca Fell
This early morning ascent would be tough you could tell

The weather was foul, with the rain lashing down
At 4.00 am we left the vans with waterproofs and a frown

The rain kept on coming turning paths into a stream
You couldn’t stop walking you’d be letting down your team

One of our team decided to go for a swim
Falling in the stream was really quite dim

Everyone put in, one hell of a shift
The efforts of your teammates couldn’t help but give you a lift

With two down already and one left to go
Against the clock we were competing so we couldn’t be slow

The forecast was more positive as we set off for Wales
With only one mountain left we had the wind in our sails

More sleep and McDonalds would keep us all on track
Come on, push on people there was no turning back

The weather was much better, and we’re out of the blocks
Thank goodness it’s the last one with my last pair of dry socks

Some of the team made it seem like a bit of a stroll
For others, another ascent was really taking it’s toll

This mountain was busier, parents, kids and some dogs
And at the top of the mountain a cafe with some bogs

It was a sterling effort from all concerned
And I’m sure a lot about ourselves we have all learned

A special mention must go to the guys behind the wheel
Jeremy and Dave’s contribution was really a big deal

John Field a special mention was the star in our van
This really is one kind hearted special man

But the very last word must go to Nick and to Huw
The special brave Dad and the 15 year old boy we all knew.

Here are some pictures:

Snowdon 2 Snowdon 4 Snowdon 5 Ben Nevis 3 Ben Nevis 2

The poet laureate might not yet be quaking in his boots after Russ’s poem, but it’s a fantastic way of reporting the trip that would be beyond me and the sentiments can’t be disputed. Thanks a lot for everything Russ – and wife Michelle who were both fantastic on the trip.

The whole trip makes everyone a hero and this music is for all of them – everyone searched for the hero inside themselves and found it – and that’s why you should keep on aiming high just seek yourself and you will shine –

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